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Homemade Formula 1 Car (Future project)

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Hello. I´m new to the forum. I´m really a great fan of f1 (since I was little), and have always planned to build a f1 car of my own. 

Unfortunately I don´t have a lot of money, and even if I had, i don´t want to bury a fortune in a car that would only see trackdays and hillclimbs.

In the lines below I intend to describe my idea of my project car, and I would like to hear opinions and tips.



My goal is to make anything more than 1000 hp. I want a 4 banger from VAG group, no fancy v´s or vr6´s... Should I use a diesel block and abf head? Or use a agg block with abf head?

I currently have a 1.4 16v afh engine laying around, is the afh head compatible with the agg block?

The pistons and rods I intend to buy forged, or make my own by cnc machining tool steel billets (yes I know this is expensive).

I can make my own gaskets out of copper (as I have made in the past with a jewelers saw :D).


For the forced induction I intend to use a twincharged system:

For the supercharger any old eaton would do, but I want a big turbo (any ideas or suggestions on the size?)

I intend to use two scania intercoolers.

The scheme would be: airbox, turbo, intercooler, supercharger (with bypass), intercooler and intake manifold. 

Because I want cheap I was thinking of making my own ECU with arduino (i don´t have any experience with arduinos, i only made a simple tick tack toe playing robot in highschool using picaxe).

Carbing is out of question because I don´t want fuel gathering in the intercoolers (due to condensation),( and the intake would be too long to be efficient).

The fuel choice is toluene (pure, no heptane or iso-octane) (I have acess to lots of it for cheap and It won´t hurt the planet for I only intend to race on sparce weekends). I intend to run inox fuel piping, but should I use diesel fuel heaters for toluene vaporisation with such high compression ratios? 

PS: I don´t want methanol or ethanol.



I´m a fairly average / good TIG welder. I intend to build the chassis out of thin aluminum tubing, I want the car to be as light as possible. I can also use some honeycomb here and there for 

reinforcement. I was thinking about using the same structure design as the abarth osella front section (in which the pedals hang out of the frame and the rigidity is given by a bar inbetween the suspension turrets. The seat and the aero parts would be made of kevlar and fiberglass (i have worked with these materials in the making of a fsae car). To shield the driver from the heat of the engine I intend to use asbestos cloth with aluminum. The fuel tanks would be to the side (the driver is in between them). The tubing could be notched in a way that allows for oil (or nitrous ;)) to run inside the chassis (this would delete the need to have an oil sump, which would lower the center of gravity of the car, and could allow for cheating on events in which the frame isn´t drilled).


Drive train

I was thinking about using a trans-axle gearbox of an audi a4 (diesel) to drive the rear wheels, unfortunately I fear this wont be fast enough, so I´m thinking about using a standard gti fwd gearbox and placing it longitudinally with 2 diff´s from e30 bmw´s on the rear and the front (these two would be the same ratio to avoid problems) (this would make the car 4wd). (I fear the diffs would make the car too high for track, plus they´re too expensive).


Suspension and tires

Standard double arm suspension on the front and back. The tires for the front are anything they have at the junkyard. But for the rear I fear a standard road car tire and rim would be too thin, so I plan to use double rims from a vans rear, (probably out of a transit or toyota dyna).



I wanted to use the 4ws from the honda prelude, or make my own (but that would make it more costly than what already is). So I intend to use the steering rack of an old fiat uno.


Other problems

I intend to race this car on a kart track (would it be suited for these types of tracks?) In Portugal (where I live) there is only the Estoril track (near where I live), but those trackdays are always filled with ricers and wallet racers with their gt´s and shiny prototypes I fear my car would not fit in. Could it run in hillclimb events?


Is this project plausible, have any of you ever build something similar? Would like to hear opinions. Cheers.



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