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Club Polo Membership

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  1. Join Us!
    What's in it for you...
    As a non-member, you already get widespread use of our website and forum, but for just £5 a year you could have so much more!
    In return you know you're helping the community and development of ClubPolo, and in doing so you gain some extra benefits too.
    What forum benefits do I get?
    Supporting the sites existence.
    Exclusive Benefits.
    Extra PM storage - from 100 to 500 messages.
    ClubMember only forums.
    Custom profile background, pictures/avatars.
    Attachments and images storage - from (10mb) to (500mb).
    Uploads, from (2mb) per file to (5mb).
    Gallery/Diary - Create your own.
    Membership Card
    On joining the club, you will receive a membership card which includes your all important membership number.
    Don't lose it as you will need this to claim many of our discounts and special offers. 
    Limited Edition Sticker
    Yes, that's right. New members will receive a free Club Polo window sticker in limited edition silver!!
    We have negotiated a whole new range of discounts and special offers for our members,
    with well known companies like EuroCarParts, Polo Performance Parts. Watch this space to see our impressive portfolio of discounts unfold.
    Our Sponsors - Adrian Flux Insurance, Chris Knott Insurance, Prestige Keep Moving Insurance, Sky Insurance, Euro Car Parts,
    Polo Performance Parts, Rare, VW Heritage with more to come!!
    Exclusive Benefits
    As a paid member you will receive many benefits, including an impressive range of discounts from top UK companies,
    large discounts on club events like the track days and rolling road as well as and access to restricted web content
    including a large collection of on-line brochures.
    As a club member, you will be given priority over non-members at events where space is restricted or numbers are limited.
    You will also be entitled to have your say about how the club is run, as well as make suggestions about what facilities and events we should offer.
    Together with your exclusive membership card and sticker your £5 really does go a long way and helps the club provide the forum and
    all the events. You will also be given access to the members only section, as well as access to restricted files around the website.
    Thank you for your support!

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    Please visit our store or select a package on sign up, if you have any questions then please do get in contact!