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mk4 Build….Polo 6n3

jordan eff

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jordan eff

thought i'd post up the pics of my 1998 mk4 polo which has been getting a makeover since August 2008


1998 mk4 polo 1.4 8v

flashrot red

51,000 miles on the clock

RH cups

lowered 60mm on coilovers

so anyway, the polo was bought as a small project and was picked up for pennys in july 2008. It looked ok from a certain distance but up close it was a little worse for waar. Rust was spreading over the doors, arches, bonnet and roof. At first it seemed to be an easy fix till I got it into the garage and started to treat the rust and relised just how deep it had bit into the metal, I was in 2 minds weither to continue working on it of just break it and find something else but I think I made the right choice :)

heres how it looked the day I picked it up





next day it was in our bodyshop where it would spend the next few months getting its new look



in the next few months I had all new genuine panels to be fitted but there was some issues with fitting as it was to be a bit different.

by october it looked like this


all the rust so far had been sorted, al rusted panels fixed and primed then re primed to have a better finish on the repairs.

Luckily I came across a set of polo gti front and rear seats dirt cheap and all they needed was a good shampoo


one of the front seats had a twisted frame but that was sorted within a day or so and test fitted :D


then ordered a new set of pressed plates seeing as the old ones had fell off and were bent


next came a good idea which I will admit was my brothers idea, got a set of mk4 R32 side skirtsto cut and fit to the sill just to add that extra curve and a fraction lower, but we noticed there was a small gap that would be noticable so we decided to smooth the skirts into the quarter panel and wing









basicly at the end the car will be resprayed in a basecoat and lacquer of flashrot red just to keep it origional, so far the doors, bonnet and tailgate are finished, painted and polished and in storage, the front bumper has now been finished and primed twice and is going in for paint in the morning

BUT on saturday there was a problem

i set on getting the OS sill attached to the car, noticed there was another bit of rust on the underneath of the wheel arch, started to buff it away and the metal just split apart. Got a light andf looked inside and found it was rotten with rust from the inside


wasnt sure what to do with it as it was quite bad but also wondered why the otherside wasnt like this :uhm:

so anyway managed to track down a new arch for it and having someone from audi comming in the next few weeks to cut off my old arch and weld this new one in then its just a case of getting the sill to the car and some primer and we're ready for paint


and we had it on its on wheels last week and made sure it was still going good and I noticed how low it actually was


bare in mind there is no interio, doors, bonnet and tailgate so theres a fair bit of weight to be added so it should go lower :D

so thats the story so far and hopefully we'll be seeing it at a few shows this year

thanks for looking ;)

new mirrors arrived

suprise suprise they were damaged when they were described as a light scuff.....thanks ebay

anyway got thm rubbed down and put back together as one was actually snapped but they look ok now and also decided to smooth the line off the mirror



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What's this from? Looks really wide..

Posted Images


Love the side skirts, not over the top, spot on!

Nice to see someone doing something a little different with 6N bodywork

What colour is it going? Staying red?

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jordan eff

thanks, i'm not into the whole bodykit thing etc just want it to be all vw but just different

yip just keeping it red but doing it in basecoat instead of 2k but adding a little extra to the tints in the paint ;)

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jordan eff

well was stuck btween keeping my 8v and smoothing the plate recess or et a 16v and smooth that but decided to go against them both and try something different, bumpers finished and painted and i absoloutly love it and its not even fitted yet :)

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jordan eff

well i'v had it since about july 08 and hoping to have the bodywork finished and put back together by july this year at the very latest, the rear arch should be cut off and replaced this saturday then we can get cracking again :D

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jordan eff

Heres hoping, hopefully within the next month the new arch will be fitted then add the other side skirt then the shell will be masked for paint

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oh MAN! that r32 sideskirt looks great!

i think i want that:)

car is coming along nicely! more pics please:)

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jordan eff

thanks. The skirts were quit hard to fit as they were a bit short and wouldnt line up propely but it turned out ok in the end, more pics soon ;)

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jordan eff

no piics of the bumper yet trying to keep that till the end, the back bumper is still the origional polo bumper but its mostly made up of fibreglass and alot of hours :D i'll have pics of that soon

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jordan eff

also forgot to add heres ow much work i had to doo on the doors because of the rust



doors were primed then rubbd down then re primed and rubbed down again then re primed and painted so the finish was as flat as possible

also spent some time cleaning the coilovers but need to take them off to get the done properly...oh and dnt worry the rd callipers are going :p


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jordan eff

well today i was going to reprimee the mirrors, so had them all rubbed down and cleaned off and set upon the stand for paint, bad thing is the person i bought them from has used a silicon polish on the covers and the primer reacted to the primer and it shrivles, so noy i'm going to rub them right down to the bare plastic and prime them 3 times to seal them

bfore primer


primed white


also had somee spare time and smoothed off th petrol cap and probably prime that this wek


and spot th ddifference



all part of the new bumper so bits have to go :D


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