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The BoraT build - Holy SCHMIDT.

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Hey mate just wondering where u got your r line rear bumper from?

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you lot are too kind, just a quick update, been off work sick all week and finally found the energy to get out of bed today so decided what with all the snow and cold i'd do some inside work, i'd had the materials to continue with the boot floor for a while now but hadn't had time to do it. thought i'd make a start and see how i feel / get on.

first thing was to fit a piano hinge to the two sections of boot floor so it becomes one piece



next i rebated the cut outs with a router so i could mount my 6mm perspex once covered



now that was done i could start to trim the top cover, i wanted to go for a thicker look so cut some 1/4" wadding to size



now was the long part covering it all without glueing it down to get it flat - due to the lack of extra hands to pull it tight at this point i didn't get and during pics


i pulled the material over the edges and used alphabond to stick it and staples (from a gun) to hold it in place, while it was laid out face down i cut out the three sections of 6mm perspex and mounted them in the rebate. i had a bite to eat and a cup of tea while it was setting.


once i'd left it a while longer i decided to trial fit it in the boot and make sure it was all ok given the extra mm created by the wadding and material, luckily with a little tap it all fits in snug





hopefully the compressor will arrive one of these days and i can get it all together 100% fitted, at least i have time to tweak any imperfections though i guess.

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So 'wadding' is the stuff I've been looking for :lol:

I wanted something to make some bits I'm planning on doing to be a bit padded. Just didn't have a clue what to use. Now i do :)

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your work is nothing short of epic! But, i was just wondering WHERE you put your coins now

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looks really good mate, Attention to detail is spot on

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