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6n2 fusebox list/layout/picture please

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I'm after the layout for the fusebox in a 6n2. More specifically 1.4 16v S 75BHP W reg

The reason is the car's sat for a few months in a mates unit, one of his mates has nicked a load of fuses out of it for his Lupo or something, I went to pick the car up last night and discovered half the top and middle row are missing! So I looked at the card, waste of time really as it doesn't give you the values of each fuse. So if someone could either list the values for each fuse port or take a pic with a list of what fuse colour is what (as they do change occasionally if you get a dodgy aftermarket one) it'd be much appreciated.

Thanks people :-D


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Good idea, but I'm not paying £20 odd just to get a list of fuses. I'd have thought someone would have posted a reply (exc. you) by now. PSD this site aint :(

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Yes Spot on Thanks! I got the same reply off the other polo forum and have written it out as a list so its easier to read in case anyone wants to copy it, sticky it of stick it in a database/ FAQ's, whatever!

SBF1- 10A- Oxygen Sensor Heater

SBF2- 5A- Number Plate Light

SBF3- 10A- Fuel Injectors

SBF4- 5A- LH Sidelight

SBF5- 5A- RH Sidelight

SBF6- 15A- Rear Window Wiper

SBF7- 7.5A- Direction Indicators


SBF9- 5A- Headlight Levelling

SBF10- 7.5A- Interior Lighting, Glovebox Light, Vanity Mirror Light, Luggage Compartment Light

SBF11- 5A- Diagnostic Connector, Instrument Cluster, Air Conditioning

SBF12- 10A- RH Headlight Main Beam and Warning Light

SBF13- 10A- LH Headlight Main Beam

SBF14- 10A- Hazard Warning Lights

SBF15- 10A- Stop (brake) Lights

SBF16- 5A- Ignition Switch ‘S’ Contact

SBF17- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used

SBF18- 5A- Heated Mirrors

SBF19- 15A- Horn

SBF20- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used

SBF21- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used

SBF22- 15A- Alarm System

SBF23- 5A- EGR, Air Mass Meter, Additional Heater Relay, Glow Plug Relay

SBF24- 5A- Clutch Pedal Switch (Diesel)

SBF25- 5A- Selector Lever Switch (Automatic Transmission)

SBF26- 7.5A- Air Conditioning, Central Locking, Electric Windows, Electric Mirrors, Navigation System

SBF27- 5A- Instrument Cluster

SBF28- 5A- Speedometer Sensor Unit, Immobiliser

SBF29- 7.5A- Reversing Lights, Heated Washer Jets, Headlight Levelling

SBF30- 5A- EGR Valve, Charcoal Filter Solenoid

SBF31- 10A- Engine Management

SBF32- 5A- Fuel Shutoff Control Unit (Diesel)

SBF33- N/A- None Applicable/ Not Used

SBF34- 10A- Ignition Transformer

MBF35- 25A- Sunroof

MBF36- 15A- Engine Management

MBF37- 15A- Engine Management

MBF38- 25A- Drivers Electric Window (RH Presumably)

MBF39- 25A- Passengers Electric Window (LH Presumably)

MBF40- 15A- Fuel Pump

MBF41- 15A- Central Locking, Alarm System

MBF42- 15A- Radio, Navigation

MBF43- 15A- Front and Rear Foglights

MBF44- 15A- LH Headlight- Dipped Beam

MBF45- 15A- RH Headlight- Dipped Beam

MBF46- 15A- Cigar Lighter

MBF47- 20A- Headlight Washer

MBF48- 20A- Heated Rear Window

MBF49- 25A- Heater Blower Motor

MBF50- 15A- Front Wash/ Wipe

MBF51- 15A- Heated Seats

KEY- SBF- Small Blade Fuse, approx. 10mm across

MBF- Medium Blade Fuse, approx. 15mm across

SBF1- The number is the fuse board location number. So this means Small Blade Fuse number 1 in this example.

15A- The number represents the rating of fuse, so in this example it’s 15 Amps. The A stands for Amps, or Amperes if you prefer!

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Yeah I could really do with the relay layout as the Polo heated mirrors are working and think it is down to the relay and is this weather it would be nice if they worked :)

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