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6n2 Roof Racks


Wheres the best/cheapest place to get a set?

Obviously id love a set of Thule ones but there just expensive .. anyone make any copies of them or something else that looks half as good, aslong as it doesnt look like the halfrauds ones i dont mind!

Also having an open air will this affect my options in anyway?

thanks tom.

P.s do any other vw roof racks work with the 6n2?

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1 answer to this question

Hi Tom

Being a surfer I have had to buy roofracks for lots of different cars in the past since the standard gutter rail has dissapeared! I found a reasonable solution though. Go on the Thule websites application guide and find the right bits you need which is normally 3 things. bars, footpack and pads. Buy a set of Thule aero bars from ebay and the correct bits you need. If your'e lucky, you'll do this for less than £100. The Thule setup with the aerobars looks the business. When you come to change cars, the bars and footpacks are normally the same, it is just the pads you need to change and these go on ebay for £10 or so. So don't be put off by the initial cost of Thule stuff, I have used my aero bars and 650 footpack with a change of pad on about 3 or 4 completely different family cars now. Don't forget, you can always sell your Thule parts on ebay as well, so look after them. I am still on my original 15 year old Aerobars. Also do your homework as Thule have changed part numbers for the same fittings, so you can get older stuff for a cheaper price that look slightly different but have the same fit. I lost 2 surfboards on the motorway when I was younger and never bought a cheap rack again.

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