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DVLA Guide - Declaring your engine conversions

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Yeah, you can't change the make and model, they'll always be the same unless you re-register the car (and I really wouldn't go into that, you might end up on a Q plate or IVAing it). There's folks on here who've done full, absolute GT and G40 conversions, literally everything but the shell changed and the car is still a CL or whatever on the logbook.

ahhhh. Thanks for explaining it. I thought they made a mistake.

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Sounds correct.

Fitting a g40 engine to a cl wouldn't make it a g40.

It's the model still, like an m3 engine in an SE wouldn't make it an m3 kinda thing.

As long as the cc and engine number is correct on the v5 & the tax class that's ok. Which for the age unless it's over 1549cc or whatever it will be if it's gone from 1.0 to 1.4

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