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What To Expect?

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Basic guide to driving offences:

Types of Ban

Instant driving bans - Double or over 100mph gets you a instant driving ban. You also get a mandatory driving ban should you be caught Dangerous Driving (or its variants).

Totting up - If you gain 12 penalty points you will be automatically banned for a minimum of 6 months, you will have to go to court for this offence. The exception to this rule is the 'New drivers act' mentioned below.

New Drivers Act - When you pass your test you only have 6 points to use in the first 2 years of driving, if you have to retake your test at any time you'll become a 'New Driver'.

Speeding Offences

Speed Awareness Course - Normally more expensive option but allows you to keep a clean licence, these vary from police force to police force, Some only allow if you have a clean record, some are limited to amount of spaces ect.

Fixed Penalty Notices - Most speeding offences are dealt with by fixed penalty, £60 fine and 3 Penalty Points.

Speeding Summons / Court Summons / Citation (Scotland) - In cases where a Court process has been issued, the offence carries between 3 and 6 penalty points or a discretionary ban. The fine, whilst means tested, can range from £100 to £1,000 for offences on non–motorways and up to £2,500 for motorway offences.

Offences with discretionary Bans

  • Careless or inconsiderate driving
  • Failing to stop or report after an accident
  • Driving when disqualified
  • Driving after refusal or revocation of licence on medical grounds
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving otherwise than in accordance with a driving licence
  • Speeding offences
  • Traffic light offences
  • Failing to identify a driver

Don't forget about Totting up. These types of bans can be appealed under 'exceptional hardship' but you may not win the case.

Offences carrying a Mandatory Ban

  • Dangerous driving (I got charged with this and got 200 hours community service, 15 month ban and a very expensive insurance bill)
  • Causing death by dangerous driving
  • Drink driving or driving whilst unfit through drink/drugs
  • Failing to provide a specimen

To be continued ................

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Think thus could do with pinning.

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That's a pretty decent explanation.

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Thanks Guys and thank you to whoever pinned :)

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