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Harris' MK2F CL Coupe

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Hey people,

Been being hassled by people for a build thread, so hopefully this one will remain properly structured and be a good read.

As a lot of you know, I had a 6n which got written off, which contained a 1.6 AEE which id built with lots of nice bits (more on this later)

In the weeks leading up to the crash I was kind of wanting an 'early' polo to see what the fuss is about, then crash happened, and ironically I was looking at this MK3 for sale that afternoon before I crashed, fate, I dont know.

But anyway, the 6n was towed home, I was feeling proper down about it as I loved it, but late that night some texts were exchanged and I went to go collect the MK3 the next day.

Got it home, CL spec, Genesis seats, RAs, PhilJ kit, reverse rake, the usual lark - surprisingly straight, but paintwork very flat!

As id been thinking of early polo id been considering buying one to build up as a project car, but then I decided to build a fairly well specced car, but due to it being a daily decided id get all the bits together and hit it hard.

Had weeks of parts collection, and meanwhile the car just got a bit of loving, some bodywork detailling etc.


Here we go...

A harmed 6n, although the engine tried to escape, it didnt quite manage it!


'Poppy' the mk3 the day I got her home!



Couple of exterior bits, grill change, indicators, side repeaters etc (just random shit in the mean time tbh)


Also picked these up not long after getting it (There MSW, 14x6)


Next few weeks consisted of 7 day weeks and shifts to get some dollar to obtain parts! And then some general loving and cleaning:




Once id got some money together, the parts came, stuff was refurb'd and I began to get ready for the build!

Got my wheels coated:


Rebuilt a GT beam, poly bushes, new shoes/drums/cylinders/brake lines/braided hoses/handbrake cables


Polybushed some new TCA's


Got some ARB blocks, adjustable top mounts, Poly engine mounts


Made a front lower brace


Refurbed some VWII's (wanted the option of 13's avail to me) - EBC discs/pads, goodridge hoses





Some stuff from being powdercoated..


A diesel spec rad with a slimline fan (thanks to Kiz for the rad)


Whilst I was refurbing bits and bobs, I also got the engine out of the 6n and gave it some love.

Crashing bent the sump, and original plans to run a stage 2 frame warranted getting a mk3 sump on there for some clearance.

Also fancied a new vernier cam pulley, and the HG needed changing (standard oil leak above alternator)





Crashing bent my 4-2-1, so I thought id get a nice new shiny one too.


Mk3 oil pickup (thanks Peter)


Machined down a MK4 alternator pulley to suit the new belt alignment on the MK3 alternator


Crashing also smashed my gearbox casing, so I obtained another, swapped fifth over for some economy and changed all the seals..





Reunited the engine and box, ready to go..




Rebuilt some driveshafts too...



Lots more little bits and bobs, but progress kinda came to a holt whilst I was waiting for my coilovers to be made, so few little bits and bobs such as:

Fitted extinguisher

Did wiring for engine swap

Dyed door cards

Changed + painted steering wheel

Painted slam pannel




Omex limiter




Then finally, one sat morning, they arrived!


That Monday I booked some holiday off work to do everything to the car, battling on with rain the fun began.

Day 1 consisted of taking front suspension out and getting engine ready to come out (no crane that day), swapped the rear beam and a few other little bits..

Day 2 seen the engine removed, bay cleaned and stuff like the fuel system modified to suit the carbs..and dropped engine in place




Next couple of days were spent getting the engine in, obtaining ARB/manifold clearance, setting ride heights and damper tuning. Seem to have lost of a load of pics at this critial point haha.

But engine is in, nearly 1000 miles done now, going ok. Some pics out and about...











Cheeky little video, I am not happy with the engines performance tbh, only thing different to 6n setup at the minute is the fact I'm using a standard 1.3 8v exhaust.


So ongoing/future plans are:

Finish fitting oil cooler

Heat wrap manifold

Get an exhaust made (1 3/4'' single silenced, or 2'' twin silenced)

Lightened mk3 flywheel

272 cam

ITBs (eventually)

Black carpets

Cobra bucket seats

Few other bits and bobs.

Basically the spec of the car is:

CL coupe shell

GT beam, poly'd up

New TCAs, poly'd up

ARB blocks

Lower brace

Stiffer rad bar

Gaz coilovers (still playing with damper settings, all good apart from high velocity movements atm)

New wheel bearings

Braided brake hoses

New cylidner/shoes/drums

Poly top mounts

MSW wheels

1.6 AEE, bike carbs, cam, head work, balanced etc

Isnt massively specced but most stuff that wears has been replaced, new fixings used and such!

Just want to say a big thanks to everyone whos been helpful, sorted me out bits etc, glad its in and running now, fundmentally ok, lets get some more go sorted and get it more refined!

Thanks for reading!


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Tht is awesome work mate. looks soo clean and well done.

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I've been in it and it is fun. Hahaha

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Looks fucking tip top mate,

That bay just looks spot on,

"A-" from me :thumbsup:

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Cheers dude, I didn't even read a book to get that result!

Oh also maybe making a plenum airbox for this coupled to a BMC CDA

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Looks awesome, could never follow your old thread haha!

How much the gaz set up set you back? as I am looking into a set for the g40

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Seriously love the work nicholarse glad you've got a build thread again, that engine bay gives me something to aspire to!

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Bloody love this.

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Thanks people!

Might finish fitting oil cooler today, had some leaky fittings into the sandwich plate and needed the car for work, but will have a go at sorting that.

Too close to action to do much else now though, so be running as it is, 16 flat to beat from the 6n, be nice to get mid-low 15's but probably not possible!

Really need to pull my finger out and get an exhaust sorted, will heat wrap manifold as the heatsoak in the mk3 bay is mad, if you sit in traffic then go for it it's like someone's holding the brakes on haha :)

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Looking goo, glad you got another buildthread going sans all the shite.

I have black carpets btw. Small tear though

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Well done so far 8-)

I really do appreciate someone doing hard graft on a project car and this is definitely one of those. :-)

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Looks sick Harris, True inspiration to myself!

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Little update.

Ran on the strip at action, could consistently do 15.7 but wasn't really launching it very well, I know I could have got a 15.5, but it's still consistently half a second faster than the 6n.

Video of first run, Q the wheel spin


Made a purchase...


Which is a 272/272, bit more lift and duration than the 268, should pull a bit harder top end.

Also going to run a lightened mk3 flywheel, when I can get hold of one.

Exhaust wise I need to sort, but will be a 1.75" single silenced system, stainless of course.

Couple of action pics...




That's all for now!

Carbs are too rich these days, but will wait until cams in and exhausts done before bothering to touch them :)


Edited by harris.racing

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This is the first time I've had chance to have a read through this. what I nice car you've got here mate, I didn't realize it was so clean. Keep up the good work :)

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Bought some pictures the weekend as I regretted not getting any of the 6n before it was too late haha :)

Me & Maxmaxmaxmax




Went for a bit of a B road bash this morning when I was pottering around, it's awfully fun but some more power definitely wouldn't go a miss ! :)

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Pod face!

Does go really well mate, its got shit loads of torque, ragged my head off when i put my foot down a bit

On the tarmac bit.

One of my favourite polos!

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These the three ones you bought ;) .. Nick your workmanship is top notch :) ..

Hope to see you on strip at gti fest.. with 8 more valvingss:P

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this is fucking clean son, nice one, good work :thumbsup:

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looks good mate i reckon if Max wasnt in the car you would have got the 15.5 lol

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Get it done. This is so awsome mate. Can't wait to see it in the flesh at future shows.

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Been for a drive, seems ok.

Oil cooler..

Thermostatic sandwich plate..


Mounted here mainly due to pipe length..


Heat shielding on the pipes although they're stainless overbraid - quite close to manifold


Pretty subtle with the bumper on, compared to people who hang them out the front like a sick Intercooler n ting anyway!



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