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slow progress

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Jake Ellis

Just drove past this olly looks pretty nice!

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haha - getting there bud

ordered the last few bits from Euro car parts so they should be here by the weekend, Noz dropped the seats off so interior refit can be completed. once the new bits are fitted can go off for tracking to be set up, once it's had a run will change engine / box oils.

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Jake Ellis

Hope you took advantage of there discount!

P.s did i see you working on the audi new years day around mid day? i think i walked past you was gonna chat but was hanging sooo bad :lol:

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when i went to put the wheel back on i noticed the splines had some damage, it wasn't terrible as the boss had been pulled on over it but was far from ideal



got another column and switched it over



and fitted the momo


fitted clutch pedal rubber


seats refitted


now it'd been run for a while i could drop the oil / filter and fit new plugs and refresh the box oil



also Noz said the coilovers went on a week or so before and said the handling felt off. so i dropped the top cup off and.......


the 'barrel' nut that holds the bearing topmount in place hadn't been fitted on either side so attended to that and refitted them.

gave it all a final check over and she's ready to go :)

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MK2 golf 1.8 8v GTI to 1.8T 20v parts used

Engine - AUM 1.8T with k03s with shallow sump (steel bottomed)

Qpeng K03 / 03s downpipe

gearbox - 02j with 100mm shaft flanges and mk3 16v cable shift tower, mk3 16v cable shifter, corrado pedal box and hydraulic clutch set up with mk3 brake fluid res

mk2 gti 8v stock shafts

mk4 1.8T starter motor, mk3 16v bolts and 20mm spacers

mounts - mk3 golf 16v box mounts, engine mount golf gti 8v (rear drivers side) vibra technichs uprated front engine / box mount mount

VR6 76mm cable throttle body (needed 3 pin TPS for MS ECU)

lug welded to intake mani to mount cable

A/C removed and 6PK 1120 non A/C belt

mk2 P/S pump with mk4 P/S pulley

Mega Squirt Management, no MAF, no CAM, no knock, no VVT, no ICV, no N75 and single lambda

stock 'pencil' coilpacks and injectors

MBC controlled from in car

1.3 mk2 golf accelerator cable

mk2 gti 8v rad with slim kenlowe style fan - custom hoses (32mm id silicon)

sprinter van intercooler (60mm outlets) - custom hoses

mk4 fuel lines connected to mk2 hard lines (plastic)

mk4 header tank fitted to modified mk2 header tank bracket

mk3 16v clocks and clock loom with mk4 speed sensor wired into mk2 CE2 box

mk2 16v hubs, s2 calipers and 2 piece discs with braided lines

mk4 heashield for brake/clutch lines and servo vac

AGU servo vac pipe coupled to mk2 servo vac

mk4 golf gti battery fusebox, mk4 battery power and ground leads (reshaped)

catch can - custom piping (19mm ID silicon / OD ally)

silicon custom tip (76mm)

mk4 heater matrix pipes

mk2 p/s pipes

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That info to be fair should be pinned I know not necessarily polo related..

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