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The 'BIG' Meet

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The 'BIG' Meet - By Sitting Dubs & Hype Culture, is a charity meet and all proceeds go towards 'When you wish upon a star'..

Right so this has just been released over Facebook to be something for all VAG owners on the 26Th Monday bank holiday..
This is there first ever meet and they are expecting a big meet/show...

For people who don't know sitting dubs, they are a brilliant bunch of lads from around the midlands and all own there tastefully modded dubs..
Anyways, Details

Well what will be at the show?
Along with a friendly, chilled, hassle free meet you will get chances to enter the below,
-Static car limbo,
-Air car limbo,
-Free show and Shine - Confirmed by email
-Charity tombola

Where will the event be?
Bruntingthorpe proving ground
LE17 5QS

What time will it start?
Gates open to the meet at 10am, Directions from the meet from the main entrance

What can you win?
Trophies will be given out on the day..

How much will it cost?
£10 per car entry, This also includes a FREE entry to the Aircraft Museum

Will there be trade stand/ club stands?
Yes for more info contact the following, thebigmeet@outlook.com

Check out their Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/events/33238801019...n_mall_activity


Already 201 people confirmed to be attending and is very early days..

This leads to me posting, It would be good to get club polo up and back out onto here with a club stand..
I have had a personal thought of requesting a 9n and 9n3 polo stand reaping the Club polo banners, but yet early days and would need your guys comfirmation etc..

Anyways this is to make you aware of the meet, I am not part of sitting dubs or hype culture...
Hope to see who comes
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I would also be interested in coming and a bonus if there's a club polo stand. Would probably be going any way

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Right so as it stands I have currently grabbed a stand for 9n and 9n3 polos if I can get the numbers..

-So anybody with a 9n/9n3 polo, weather it be factory spec in good condition to a decked and well finished, put your names down, if we can get the numbers I am giving up a show and shine spot on my personal polo so lets hope we can!!

Comment your user name, colour of car.. (9n/9n3 only ATM)

Organised by me liammk6polp

1- LiamMk6Polo - black 9n - OEM bbs split wheels

2- Loudandproud - burgundy 9n - Alfa wheels

3- sicx - black 9n - Porsche wheels

4- joe cliffe - black 9n - Porsche wheels

5- Vdubdave - silver 9n - Porsche wheels











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