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[6n2] ABS error 01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)

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first of all the source and credits to the poster of the fix: http://www.tigerstyle.co.uk/phpBB3/viewtop...f=7&t=45748

Error via VAGCOM:

01276 - ABS Hydraulic Pump (V64)

16-00 - Signal Outside Specifications

I took out the ABS control unit... and after fighting with it for an hour I managed to get the lid off...

I kinda figured, its buggered so might as well tear it appart and smash it up... its only £600 for a new module..

first, take the ABS pump and the computer apart:


Open the case (with a dremel for example, case comes in one peace)


And this is what it looks like:


In the top left corner is the connector for the ABS pump motor. It is driven by two transistors on two seperate circuits.

Between the two connectors for the pump motor is a simple sensor circuit, if there is no motor plugged in (IE open circuit) this circuit feeds back into the EEPROM IC in the centre of the board and presumably tells the system to shut down and give a fault code...

Amazingly, on closer inspection this is what I find!


The pulse loading on the soldered joint for the motor connector was not up to the job, it has melted and failed!!! There is NO connection to the pin!

10 mins with a soldering iron and the fault code has GONE!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

If anyone else tries this, MAKE SURE you dont insert anything into the case when you are trying to lever the lid off, you WILL destroy the circuit board! And make sure you seal it back up properly afterwards with silicone so it doesnt get wet!


(maybe good for a sticky topic because it is a quick and easy fix)

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That, and swapping the fuses on the battery first is a good idea..

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That, and swapping the fuses on the battery first is a good idea..

Offcouse :-) :-D :-D :lol:

but i assume that people who search for this problem might already swapped the fuse before searching over the internet.

it took me ages to find a solution, so thats why i am sharing this

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