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Kwijibo_coupe's Mk3 GT Coupe


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Model: Polo GT

Engine: PY Conversion with a Garrett T25 Turbo set to 14psi, GT Inlet, 51mm throttle body, Ford FMIC, G40 injectors, Bailey BOV, Custom down pipe and exhaust.

Suspension: Gaz coilovers all round, Stage 2 PPP subframe, G40 rose jointed TCA's with nylon bushed inners, G40 rose jointed steering arms, Nylon bushes on the rear beam, bolt on strut brace at the rear.


Brakes: Converted to G40 brakes up front, Mk2 Golf GTI rear disc conversion with Mk4 Golf calipers on the back, Goodridge braided brake hoses, ATE Type 200 Race quality brake fluid.


Wheels and Tyres: BBS Mahles 13" x6j ET13 wrapped in 165/55/13 with 15mm spacers on the back. For the track, BBS RAs 13" x 5.5j ET38 painted orange wrapped in Yoko A048 Mediums 175/60/13 with 20mm spacers on the back.

Exterior Styling: Clear indicators and side repeaters, German LHD taillight on passenger side to delete the reverse light, sticker bombed petrol flap, couple other subtle stickers on the rear windows, arch trims and bump strips removed with standard Polo arch spats on the rear.

Interior Styling: Drivers seat is a Corbeau bucket seat with TRS harnesses, G40 passenger seat, gauges installed in place of the stereo, stripped out rear, battery in the boot, spare wheel well cut out and plated over.

ICE: Boost!!!

To Do List: Have lots of fun!!


Well as some of you may know, thanks to Liz at the Polo show 2013 I bought a lovely little GT Coupe to get me back into more regular Poloing.

Most of my recent Polo stuff has just been little updates here and there with the G40 which was getting a bit of a ball ache, but I thought I'd re-kindle the Polo love and lucky Liz had this wonderful honest little GT for sale.

Here she is at the show after a wash and polish to see what she was all about.


So after the long 500+ mile drive home back to sunny cold miserable Peterhead I couldn't wait to start the modding.

First on the list of tasks was a bit less 4X4 ride height and more of a Dub height. Plus some SMD LED side light bulbs because I like them.


Front wasn't low enough so I dropped here a bit more.

Then I decided to get a bit more serious and see how clean she really was, so I took her into the garage and I thought I'd be polite first of all and introduce her to the G40. So here they are on their first encounter. G40 still very much a work in progress.


Then the front end came off to make way for the mods I had planned


Then I got a bit carried away and this happened


So the engine bay got a good clean and so did the engine, and whoever had been there before me seemed to have fun with a lot of orange paint


No pictures of the mods I performed at the stage but the list is a follows:

G40 inlet manifold
4 branch exhaust manifold
stainless single box system with de-cat
Polo Ace chip
G-Ladersite ARB Blocks

So I got her all put back together, took me from beginning to end about 24 hours all in which I thought wasn't too bad.

Here she is tonight looking hot


I took the GT trims off and I plan on painting the steels a nice gloss black....but still undecided on the wheel front so this may chop and change a few times.

That's her for now, she goes and sounds much better with the mods especially the new exhaust, next on the horizon are some general wear and tear items that I found needed done then the modding will continue.

Comments welcome


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Since I'm at work tonight I can take advantage and post up a proper update. Finished painting the engine bay and front panel, then fitted the steering rack, 20mm master cylinder and brake lines. Seem

You are right an update is needed. But due to me destroying my laptop just before the Polo Social I've only been able to get on with my iPad or borrowing laptops. Anyway luckily I have the use of a p

Better update this before I forget. For some reason the drivers side strut took me 5 minutes to fit. I dunno if it was because I'd had a good nights sleep, done something different or the hole in the


Looks awesome, and very clean too!

How much is it lowered by?

And will you be taking it to the scottish meet?

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awww i feel all emotional! wow you've certainly been busy, she looks great! :-D , i'm so pleased you are getting on so well with her and have given her lots of love.

did you look at engine and gearbox codes while you were there? i'm sure she goes much better and is happier with the mods, that exhaust was crying out to be changed, good thing about an early one as well is not having to worry about emissions.

I thoroughly enjoyed having her and i'm glad she's being so well looked after and got a new lease of life :-)

keep us updated


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I'm having a great time with her Liz, she does go really well for a GT.

I completely forgot to check out the gearbox code but it must be an 8P as the gears are so long, but she pulls them very well now with the new mods.

She is down by 60mm all round I think. But I was thinking about taking the rear up a notch.

She will be at the next Scottish meet, might have new wheels on her by then.

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Well the car has had a couple washes now and each time the steel wheels just let it down.

I don't like the trims on and I can't really afford to spend money on buying tyres for the alloys I have lined up to go on.

So instead I took a trip to Halfords armed with a trade card and spent £15 on some paint and set to work.

Before picture


Sanded and masked


Couple of coats of paint



Tomorrow I'll finish them off with a couple coats of lacquer then its a long 24 hour wait to see how they look on the car.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures just now, using the iPhone to upload pictures is a lot easier than the hassle I have to go through with the DSLR shots haha.

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Well I got the wheels lacquered and finally got them on the car.

What a difference, I think it makes the car look so much cleaner....might even keep them on for a while.



Off work next week so hoping to give it a good clean and polish and take some DSLR shots as the iPhone camera really doesn't do the car justice.

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Phew.... for a moment there i thought the G40 had gone bye bye.

Didnt realise it was up for sale but for most of the weekend i didnt realise there was things happening around me :lol:

Looking good anyway :)

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The G40 will never go, it's currently undergoing some major surgery.

I'll have some updates in that build thread next week :)

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well there has been a bit of an accident.

I took the GT into the Garage on friday night just to give it a check over etc.


I must have blacked out after that and this next thing I know it's 01:30 on Saturday morning and this had happened!!


Ooops, it seems the GT has the heart of a G40 in her just now!

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Don't do that to us! Scared me there for a second thought something terrible had happened lol.

She looks great and I'm sure she will enjoy being a g40! As long as we see the g at some point

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She will only be a G40 test bed really.

Since I've just rebuilt the head of the PY lump I thought it best to test it in a car that is road legal.

She is running fine so far though, need to get a chip made up to suit the mods but apart from that its just a few little niggles that I'm finding.

The 3F lump is getting a full service including belts etc while it is out so pictures of that to follow.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Time for some more Poloing progress.

Been looking for a while now into doing a rear disc conversion, the other week I broke a Mk2 Golf GTI for spares and thought what better time to start collecting parts for the conversion. So parts that I have so far are:

Rear stub axles - Golf GTI

Rear caliper carriers - Golf GTI

Rear calipers - Ibiza GTI

Brand new drilled and grooved rear discs, pads and bearings - free from a friend :)

Handbrake cable sleeve - eBay - Just Caddy's was the seller

So before I drop the rear end of the GT and do the conversion I thought I'd trail fit it onto the G40 since it was sitting in the garage anyway.

So ugly old rusty looking drum


Bearing cap off


Split pin removed


Removed the nut, wasn't tight which is good


Small bearing out


Drum off to reveal horrible old shoes, which I just hate.


Hand brake cable removed from the shoes then the whole backing plate could come off the car


New stub axle on to accept discs :)


Trail fit of the carrier, no issues


Disc and bearings on


Carrier fitted and pads installed


Caliper fitted, looks so much better


Plenty of clearance too


So next task is to remove everything and get the carriers and calipers nicely painted

Figure out how to remount the handbrake cable and make up new lines to go between the original Polo flexi hose and the new caliper flexi hose.

Hopefully get those sorted soon so I can fit the setup to the GT and road test it with rear discs :)

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  • 4 months later...

So, update time.

Since the arrival or my 'donor' G40 it means the GT can stay converted to a G40.

So that means a few odds and ends need tidying up.

But first some general maintainance was required.

Since the conversion the supercharger had started making odd rough noises and the gearbox had taken a dislike to its oil.

So the super charger was swapped out for the other supercharger I stole off the other G40 for now so I can rebuild the first one.






Next was the turn of the gearbox swap.

I decided to use the box that came with the GT lump. The thoughts were is was an 8P box, but I have since discovered it is a DXK gearbox off a 2001 Ibiza 1.4.

Anyway it fits and it is a good box so let the swap begin.


Old leaky box


Good shiney orangey red box


Next job is to figure out what I'm doing with this


And get it back on the car.

Also a few other things planned too.

More updates to follow soon.

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Look what I bought!!


Came with these!!


Then I did this!!


Modification was then required!!


Then it looked like this!!


Now it sounds like this!!


Best mod I've done in ages!! It's like normal G smiles x10 haha.

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Woke up this morning and to my surprise it was a really nice day.

Since I was lucky enough to be off work I thought I'd treat the GT to a little wash, also got to try out some Demon Shine snow foam like stuff I bought.



After it's wash it was still nice out so I decided to stop messing about with the iPhone camera and get the proper camera out to play.

Here are the results.






There are a few thinks I need to get sorted on her, top of the list are bonnet repainted and sort the rust patches on the drivers door and drivers wing.


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Maximum respect wish I had your skills

I don't think I have 'skills', I just know my way around a Polo. Had enough of them to know what I'm doing now.

Just trial and error and giving anything a go.

How many cars do you have mate! Good stuff great to see

Just now I only have the 3, this one, my G40 and the LHD G40 which is being broken.

During 2013 I did own 7 cars at one point but that was just silly.

Cheers for the comments lads!

Forgot to put one picture up.

My tribute sticker to Paul Walker.


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  • 2 months later...

Today I decided to try out the suction mount I bought for my GoPro.

Here is the video that resulted. All filmed on a private road of course :)

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