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Nick's Polly The Polo

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Right then guys!
Guess it's time to make a start on this build project! This is my first car and wanted to share with you al the transformation. Bought the car back in October 2013, Exactly on week after passing my driving test (which was a bonus to ditch the bus pass) :badgrin:
Here's a photo the day I bought her, Original 'Sheffield Gilders' Polo!


As you can see from the photo she was a little run down and tired, First steps was to give her a good old service, NGK Spark Plugs, Oil Filter, Air Filter and Castrol Magnitex Oil.

But the first 'mod' was to remove the battered wheel trims, Give her the more metal look! Next, Was pressed plates, A week later, Here's what she looked like.


Next was to remove the standard head unit, So I could finally 'Get me Goth on' :evil: I installed a Sony BT3100U, Allowing me to connect my IPhone 5S.


So, The story goes, I was saving up for the more expensive mods, On the way back from work and sat at a junction, And a van driver runs into the back of me, Cracking the bumper. But German engineering won once again, Because his Fiat Ulasse was annihilated! German Cars 1-0 Italian Cars! :badgrin: This wasn't really a problem, Tie wraps for the time being and wait for the insurance pay out, But the worse was still to come...

I noticed a slight misfire one morning, Popped the bonnet, Checked the connections on each pencil coil and they all seemed fine, After a multimeter test they all seemed fine, But to be on the safe side I changed all three coils. The problem then later raised a week on. Cleaned and checked all fuel injectors, Throttle body etc, and no improvements. I realised I wasn't dealing with a simple fault here, So sent it off for a diagnostic as the engine management light was on, It was low on compression in cylinder three (Later tests showed no compression) So I booked it in for an assessment at the local garage, He stripped it down and revealed some horrifying news, Somehow an exhaust valve had managed to shatter, And the piston had started to melt. Costing me £750, And a week of no car! :shok::crybaby:
This called for a top end engine rebuild, Which meant forking all my savings out on it, I was determined to get little Polly running again! :yahoo:
Here's a photo mid rebuild....


That was it! Polly was running again!

After the rebuild it was time to get sourcing for some wheels, Instantly fell in love with Audi Pepperpots, And managed to find a MINT set! (Cheers Sid) Offered them up to the car, I knew where this project was going ;)


Sourced some fresh rubbers, Kuhmo's to be exact, These things are like glue!

After having a break from splashing stupid amounts of money on maintenance I managed to build up a small figure to crack on with mods! Managed to get my hands on a sub, A Vibe 12" 1500W, Perfect for handling the kick drums and bass guitar rifts!


Now, The main part, You can't be dub with no coilovers, So they were put on order, FK Streets, Landed and fitted a week later, Dropped her by 80mm, Now she scrapes on speed bumps, I'm happy at that!


Time to work on the back, De-Badge and stickers, Managed to get the back plate of the badge hydro dipped in blue skulls, Making her ass look evil!


Bit of Slipknot stuff for you metal fans!

Bit of blingage for add to the dub effect!


On the Sheffield's 'Lowdown' scene so thought a big window sticker wouldn't be a bad idea, Seems to suit the car!


The car is still an on-going project, But she's about 90% there, Just a few more interior mods and a roof rack and she'll be exactly how I want her! But for now here's a photo of where the cars at now, Watch this space for further mods! Rate or slate? Cheers! Nick666Akers.


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Looking good mate, must say them wheels do look a lot better on your car than they do in my shed lol.

Shame about the top end rebuild man, that would have been perfect excuse for me to chuck summet in with a little more poke :p BUT.. easier said than done with insurance.etc

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Coming along nicely this dude, winding it down a little has made a big improvement. :D

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Cheers guys! Here's some bigger, Better quality pictures of the polo!





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