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Liz - The resurrection of Bluey the GT engined Comet Blue coupe

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Model: 1984 1.3 Coupe, registered 24.02.1984, purchased by me 15.08.2000

Engine: Mk3 GT, Longlife exhaust, stainless manifold, higher rev limit chip, performance camshaft

Suspension: Weitec 60/40

Brakes: Golf GTI / G40 VW2 calipers, braided hoses, Custom BRM brake servo conversion

Wheels and Tyres: 13 inch PLS Hockenheim split rims, Yokohama 175/50/13 tyres

Exterior Styling: standard apart from metal sill trim replaced with Chrome one

Interior Styling: Coupe S steering wheel otherwise standard

ICE and Security: troublesome immobiliser!


A lot of you will have either met Bluey or known about him, he has been at polo shows from 2003-2011 Winning the show and shine in 2006, with a few 2nd and 3rd prizes over the years, then unfortunately had a engine fire so has been off the road for the last two years.

When i purchased him he had a 1l engine as someone had 'borrowed' the 1.3 HK and left him for scrap, he was rescued and fitted with a 1.3 MH engine out of a scrapped vehicle so went a bit better, until Alan Lawrence AKA Poloace decided to break his mk2 coupe that he had done the GT conversion on. So in 2004 Bluey went to visit his uncle Alan for his holidays and had a respray and the GT engine fitted.

Since then I have had the exhaust fitted, changed suspension, put in another chip and bought the split rim wheels plus general replacement parts and pimping over the years.

He was picked up yesterday to go away and have some welding done and redone where necessary, and will be having another respray in the original comet blue, well as near to his original colour as possible, as it seems obvious his original colour was quite a lot lighter when you look at the old paint inside boot etc.

Right to start with some old school pictures! here he is showing original faded paintwork on the bad side not sure anyone will have seen this picture before, Fern photobombing as well of course!!!



with one of his old friends that some people may recognise!



the respray and sporting new pin stripes



loaned ATS Classics


on the newly refurbed hockenheims


probably one of Blueys most famous pictures from back in 2006


VW action 2010 i think


I could spend hours finding pictures of him from over the years but anyway this is where i am at now, all stripped down and off to the bodyshop:


crustyness around sunroof




terrible welds


fire damage



spare wheel well got jacked on and dented


battery tray been welded before


patchwork floor pan


showing the hammerited bits i painted years ago




where he had a previous shunt and was never tidied up properly



got back his original tailgate so that is being welded up where there is a hole under the spoiler and put back on


I will keep you updated with my progress!


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glad to see your cracking on liz. my red ones been off the road 2 years and has the MoT on friday, then I have my comet blue to start ! if your short of any bits or panels let me know as I've got a lot stored. Wish I knew someone to paint mine without forking out full dollar! :smile:

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Thread Bump :tongue:

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Have you got any pics of the brake servo set up?

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it is about time I did an update isn't it and sorted out the pictures! its been very slow progress indeed but hopefully I will be able to update in the next couple of months.....I'm very much hoping to be back on the road next year!!!

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Yes you do 😉, spotted this at Santa pod yesterday 👍

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