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My first (and second) G40


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Bought my first Polo in the Summer of 2006. I'd driven it before when my brother owned it a couple of years previously so when it came up for sale I had to have it! Mechanically is was pretty standard,the pedal box was broken, all the plastic trims had been removed and it had Max Power 15" wheels, single wiper and a snap off steering wheel. Sourced all side and arch trims, correct steering wheel, pedal box, wiper mechanism and 14" RAs pretty quickly and drove it for a few months. Really pleased with it but wanted better brakes - a 256mm front disc set up was acquired, as well as all the bits needed for a rear disc conversion.

I wanted it to look as good as it drove, so as soon as I got my hands on a new pair of wings it all came apart for a full respray.




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The battery was flat the other day from lack of use - this has been remedied this week with lots of use! Really should try and make the time to use it more. Seen here being dwarfed by a Golf at Hal

This has been dormant for a while :( Noticed the odometer had a lot of 1s on it when I got it out for a drive this morning!

Got my finger out and sorted the cam belt this afternoon.     It's a hell of a lot easier to do when the engine is on a stand - the job was more of a faff than it should have been

Posted Images

A few months later I decided that more power was needed (Santa Pod's fault). Engine was stripped and the block was bored out to take oversize forged pistons. All bearings and seals were replaced, rotating mass was balanced then re assembled with a freshly ported and polished head. A GT inlet manifold, ceramic coated 4 branch, bigger injectors and one of Jabba's Piper cams went in. PSD toothies, freshly rebuilt to R1 spec Jabba charger, new alternator and PSD intercooler kit were added, closely followed by a Gripper LSD into the rebuilt gearbox.

This was then carefully run in for a thousand miles before being mapped at Jabba.


An uprated driveshaft was fitted after destroying a couple of standard ones.

2009 saw the addition of a PPP subframe - totally necessary modification


Had a new exhaust system made the year after. Modifications now complete.

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It all went well for a few years until one day in May 2012 when out for a drive. A half asleep woman in a Clio pulled out into my path from a side road without looking. She then stopped, blocking my side of the road. There was no way I could stop in time so I started to steer round - just as she decided to move forwards! I slammed into her offside rear wheel before I could stop. Bollocks!

The damage doesn't seem to bad until you notice the ripples on the roof and the fact that the door didn't fit the roof line any more!




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Whilst off work with a ruined back and broken toes I trawled the forums for a replacement. Found a complete G40 less engine/gearbox/wiring loom only 20 miles away - it was on my driveway less than a week after the crash.



It needed a replacement sill on the driver side and a small repair was needed in the battery tray but otherwise looked pretty decent.

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The wings were scrapped as soon as the arch trims came off - there wasn't much left of the arches. The drivers side rear arch was perfect, but the passenger side not so!


As mentioned before, the drivers side sill needed work along with the battery tray. The only other spot needing a tickle with the welder was a hole in the drivers side inner front wing which was sorted straight away.


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I wanted to strengthen the chassis on this one after tearing the black one at The Pod. Started by stripping all the seam sealer, wax and shite off the inner wings and chassis legs.



Stitched and braced the passenger side chassis leg, then treated it all to some POR15.





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Respray was next on the to do list. Bought some nigh on perfect doors from the local breakers yard thanks to the scrappage scheme, a new unused bumper off PeteG40 and a pair of genuine wings from VW. It all went a couple of doors down to my main painter man.





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A couple of weeks later the job was done. All plastic parts were rubbed smooth and painted too just like the black one.

Panels and glass were refitted then it was returned for a final polish.




All the plastics were polished by hand then it was ready to go back together again.

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I wanted to use everything mechanical and electrical from the black car but there was a problem - Pillock woman's insurance company had still not been in touch with me. (it was a couple of months since the crash now) As no assessor had been to see the damage yet I had to get an independent assessor to do a valuation. Once this was done I ripped into the wreck to salvage all my Polo goodies!




The remains were weighed in and I got stuck in to building up the grey one.

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Tank,pump and lines went up first - followed by the rear beam, koni suspension and rear discs. Engine/gearbox + wiring loom next followed by suspension, driveshafts, cooling system, subframe then exhaust. Did all this in a day but didn't have a camera on hand.



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Intercooler was plumbed in


Fitted the dash loom plus alarm, central locking and electric window shiz from the black car into this one. Realised that I'd forgotten to drill holes for the wiring in the shell and doors! Somehow I managed to remove the doors, drill the necessary holes then refit the doors whilst threading the wiring through all on my own AND without scratching any paint. Proper contortionist! Wouldn't attempt it again without help.


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Fitted freshly polished trim pieces and door fittings etc.



Completed the front end with bumper and foglights


Same at the back end



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Dash from the black car went in, then the seats/doorcards/carpets that came with this car went back in.





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Finished up in the engine bay, ran it up to temp then took it for a quick spin to ensure that everything worked.


Gave it a quick clean.


Took it to my mother's house to store it in her garage over the Winter.





It was completed in the middle of October - still no word from the insurance company - Court proceedings had begun in September.

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Finally recieved a settlement in mid February 2013 - less than a week before it was due in Court. Good job the black one wasn't my only ride, 9 months would have been a massive pain in the cock with no car!

This pic is from early March on the way to an MOT - the day I got my cheque!


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Its first decent run out was to Santa Pod - but like a complete halfwit I forgot my driving licence!


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Stunning g40 in one of the best colours.

Cheers dude! Here's a few more pics from last summer.




One from the show at Tatton Park -


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Your grey G looks like a special edition G40 that Volkswagen could have released themselves rather than a heavily modified car. Suits it perfectly.

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