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AFH time, Let's go! 6n 16v 3dr Black Magic Pearl, she's a keeper!


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Let me preface this by saying I am an incredibly lucky person.

After Emma met her untimely demise through my own idiocy, I was on the hunt for a new car, I was thinking something a bit bigger, so I can haul various stuff around, be it family, work stuff or marshaling gear. I had an E36 estate in mind and spent a week looking around although all along I knew I probably couldnt afford a bigger car and I loved the Polo.

I viewed a few cars but nothing really struck me or stood out, I thought about getting a valver. I had a quick look online but none listed were really suitable, then I remembered a local dub enthusiast had one, he had mentioned selling nearly a year ago but didnt gather much intrest I assume. I had seen it around and it looked fairly nice. I messaged him asking if he still had it and he said yeah, he had seen what a mess I made of Emma and asked me if I was interested. I obviously was very interested haha.

The chap, called Richard, has a collection of classic VW's one of which is award winning Golf Mk1, he's dub enthusiast through and through and a nice guy to boot. I knew the car would have been very well looked after.

I went up to view it and the first thing he does is hand me a box, absolutely crammed full of paperwork and recipts I was astounded, I've never seen so much paperwork for one car before.

We talked, I looked around the car, he knew it like the back of his hand, told me all about the work done etc. I was blown away. He pointed out the bad stuff instead of highlighting all the good bits, for me that speaks volumes. Turns out it's mainly cosmetics like scuffs on bumpers and a scabby front arch that need sorting and a couple of ARB droplinks. He pulled out a broken valve spring from the box and told me all about how it had broken and that the head had been rebuilt. He told me how the gearbox had started to make noises and had bearings replaced. He told me about dropping the rear beam and fuel tank, waxoiling the underbody and overhauling the rear beam. He told me everything I needed to know.

I was sold, I just needed to sell it to the missus! I told him I definately wanted it but I had to work some magic on her!

A couple of days passed and I had eased her round, it cost me a new wardrobe and a holiday to someplace warm, she was still a little reluctant, she wanted the bigger car, but I had already settled a price with Richard.

I insured it, at a silly cost (thanks Adrian Flux :/), taxed it and paid Richard, it didn't feel real, I had actually landed a car I had wanted for so long and it was a solid car too! He messaged me saying he would chuck in any spares he had laying around, including a front wing and a bootlid, I couldn't be more grateful to be honest.

I went to pick it up, signed the paperwork and V5 and got talking to Richard, he told me more about the car, gave me a set of dampers with -40mm springs on and told me he will bring the other spares he has naother time as they wont fit in the car.

I'll be honest, I was in a daze, it was happening for real!

I thanked his him and his wife for letting me buy it, he had owned this for the last 9 years and it was primarily his wifes car. I felt a little bad, like I was taking someones pet dog, the kids were asking what this strange man was doing with the car.

speaking of dogs, I was shaking like a shitting dog when I reversed it off his drive, I was in shock! to some its just another polo, a rot box on wheels, but to me this car is something I've been very fond of since I got Emma, I just love the engineering involved in the motor, the quirkiness of it and it's not a common car now, infact last time I looked there are less than 900 on the road in the UK and I've got one in brilliant condition!

I couldn't be happier right now.

anyhow, thats the intro, here's a few potato quality pics






I'll get some better pics when the Sun is back :P

Plans right now are as such:

Source some droplinks and fit them

Fix up the bodywork, luckily Richard has got a front wing and bootlid.

Lift up the suspension OR install the shocks/springs richard gave

Source some genuine valver rear lights

Source some 16V badges for the grill and boot

Source some interior trim parts that are missing - the car had in the past had a full custom retrim at a specialist interiors company, Richard want's to keep that to sell seperately, I'm fine with that as I want to keep this as original as possible inside.

The engine won't be touched until I'm used to it, I'll probably clean it up, paint the rocker cover but thats it for now.

I've not got anything else planned right now. Just going to enjoy it!

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Let me preface this by saying I am an incredibly lucky person. After Emma met her untimely demise through my own idiocy, I was on the hunt for a new car, I was thinking something a bit bigger, so I c

bit of a pic heavy update, but she's had surgery today and made it through.   astonishingly, this the first time the cars been to a mechanic since I got it, and to be fair I was nervous all

I keep looking at this thread for updates lol. This was my black one; Don't want to steal your thread, just the memories! Guy called Amit owned it before me.

Posted Images

Yeah this is quite nippy compared to the 8v, already found I don't need to change down a gear in places where I used too, just seems to be oodles of pull above 3k, 5th gear is a funny one, sits at around 3k at 60, thought it would have been lower? just begs for a 6th gear where I can cruise along at 2k haha.

Took the family out for a run to blackpool, pleasantly surprised how well it was on the juice considering I spent loads of time hanging around in traffic!






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One of the cleanest 6ns I've seen and sounds like there is a lot of history and the previous owner has treat her well.

Are you keeping this one pretty standard then?

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Thanks guys, yeah she's quite stunning, puts a smile on my face everytime I get in haha, I put some covers on the seats now and fit my own radio in.

I will be keeping her pretty much standard, even to the point of contemplating removing the coilovers, she is - like you said wizardman - one of the cleanest 6n's I've seen and I want to keep her as clean as I can. A lot of these cars are falling to the wayside now, and I genuinely think this car with this engine is a future classic in the making!

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Still getting used to this, accelerator is so sensitive to the point where if I rest my foot on it in lower gears it picks up speed haha, might see if I can make the pedal a little duller!

One thing I didnt notice until a couple of days ago, well actually two things, the first being the the plastics at the back of the boot and on the boot lid are actually covered in fabric, a really neat touch! I don't think its a standard thing, but it definately improves the aesthetic and feel of the rear, the second being I was having a dig around the engine bay and found a wire I wasn't expecting to see, chased it through the bulkhead and realised it was the power lead for an amp, part of the digging process uncovered the rest of the wires that go to the stereo and the ground lead, all very tidily tucked away and such, a very clean installation, so have made use of them ;)

Also found the passenger footwell floor is a little damp, so going to chase that issue probably a drainage issue at the pollen filter end of things, as the rear wash/wipe has been removed and as such I shouldnt expect a break in the usual place up the side of the rear passenger seat, like the last polo.

coincidentally, like the last polo, the boot light is inoperative, so that above point could be proved false when I investigate that tommorow, as it was the break in the line that caused a soggy footwell and a knackered connection for the rear bootlight wiring, nothing major and a 5 minute fix if found to be true!

Also the same as the last polo is the central locking pump running till it auto-off's when locking the doors. This was found to caused by a faulty seal on the fuel filler flap lock, again it's an easy temporary fix if found true until I can source a new seal. Remove the flap lock and bung the pipe up haha.

I found a little switch on the exhaust tunnel plastics near the clutch pedal, I was tempted to press it, but thought I better ask Richard first, turns out it's to do with the interior sensors on the alarm and best left untouched haha.

Loving the car so far, enjoying hunting around and stuff, although I am cautious not to disturb the wiring too much because the alarm is wired in but with no diagrams for it I don't want to make a loose connection I don't know how to fix!

Got some seat covers to keep the seats as good as can be especially when the kids sneak sweets in the car! And some more floormats too!

Gonna invest in some decent washing/cleaning/waxing equipment too, jetwashes and those big gangly lines and scratchy foam brushes will destroy this paint with it being black.

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So, one of the problems round the back is the 3rd brakelight not working, Richard said that water had got in and it just stopped working.

Being the techy guy I am I decided to inspect, see if I could replace the knackered lights with an LED strip or similiar.

Took the third light off,


it's been wet for some time!

got my trusty 12v Battery and started prodding around


no luck thus far, so split the casing to remove the internals


got to be careful with that thing, it melts tarmac!




this was on the other side of the guts, so a rusty corroded connection somewhere



cleaned up all the rusty bits and cleaned it up


re-assembled and sealed, fit back on the car, re-wired in and voila


Also, as per my previous post, it was indeed the Fuel Filler flap locking mechanism that caused a vacuum leak in the Central locking system


so, removed the lock and temporarily plumbed the line until I source a rubber boot thing


and a bonus addition, Mark Crox recently sold an AFH rocker cover on ebay, which a friend bought and didn't tell me about, it used to look like this -


Said friend had it sent somewhere and it now looks like this




and I should be receiving it Tuesday :crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:

He surprised me with this tonight, even though he's been hiding it from me since the day I picked the car up haha, it's a thanks from him for helping him out with stuff, I can't believe it!

really stoked about that! can't wait to fit it, was going to polish the one on the car, but doubt I'd get it anywhere near that!

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Haha I am gonna tidy the bay, but it wont exactly be show winning as its still a daily car! but I will keep it clean anyway, Dean, you should re-invest in one :P

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Dean, you should re-invest in one :P

I will at some point, but I've been wanting a G40 for years......

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Well bummer, my lass missed the postie today, so gotta go collect it tommorow from the sorting office ...boooooo

But I did get some fresh bolts and washers in anticipation!


£3 for 10 Stainless Steel M6x30 bolts and 10 M6 Stainless Steel Washers, bargain!

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I keep looking at this thread for updates lol.

This was my black one;


Don't want to steal your thread, just the memories! Guy called Amit owned it before me.

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Right then, lets get the good stuff out of the way!

Shiny rocker has arrived, need to clean out the underside as its full of polishing residue and aluminium particles, which would not do the engine any good! but the top side is so beautiful, plans are to paint the DOHC Black LC9Z and the 16V Red, but that could all change!



and now the not so good stuff, I need to lift the car up as its way too low to be practical for me, so I jacked her up at dinner time thinking I could just whip the adjuster up a way and be done in the 30mins I had, that plan didn't come to fruition. :(


she definately needs one hell of a good scrub down under there, I could only move one adjuster about 8mm up so gave up on that job, I'm gonna swap out the coilies for the lowering springs I have and see how we go, but I defnitel think these coilies have seen their last haha.

a lot more rust than anticipated down there, most worryingly was this...


where the ARB has been banging the chassis, going to have to strip that area right back and see where we stand with rust, clean it up and re-protect it, not the work of a moment, but I don't know how long its been like this.

to add to that I'm gonna replace both bottom arms that are looking fairly scabby, renew all balljoints, bushes and droplinks and tidy up anything else I can find. I just really really hope I don't uncover more rust than what I have seen, my old 8v was spanking clean underneath :o

Oh and I have two big bloody screws, one in each passenger side tyre, which were in relatively new condition, so could be a pricey end of the month for me haha

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Since we are sharing memories this is my old black 6n 16v


I do miss it at times...but boost is more fun :D

I'll be keeping an eye on this thread, nice to see someone tidying a car up first rather than just modifying the nuts off it right away.

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some superb work, You know your way with electrics then..a very professional job on the third brake light. And also none of my mates would ever do something as nice as what yours did with that rocker cover haha. My mates show their affection by ripping the shit out of my car 24/7 and calling it milk float as opposed to bread van.

Top work and look forward to seeing more

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Really like your valver and your manifold is :wub:

Hopefully mine will be to your standards oneday

What manifold mate, you seen something I haven't? Lol flicked through pictures and can't see any
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