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Christian's Eleven....... 11 vintage Videos from last century online now

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Hi folks,

In the past few weeks i have finally managed to digitise and cut my old VHS and VHS-C tapes which some of our Poloclub Members (not ClubPolo, our local poloclub here in germany where i live) and i have recorded back in the old days from 1997-2000.

These tapes....they almost were resolving into... something different as you maybe can imagine.
I have set these videos online in my poloblog to share them.

Here you have got the hyperlinks to all of these eleven old times low-definition 700x576 4:3 scale videos from old times which brought back some beautyfull memories to me and goose skin.

!!! the videos are very large, watch your data volume if you watch them on a mobile device!!!

Polotreffen Balingen 1997

Wörtherseetour 1998

Wörtherseetour 1998 Part 2

Wörtherseetour 1999

VW Treffen Neuwied 1999

„Alles VW“ Osnabrück 1999

Poloforum Osnabrück 1999

VW Polotreffen Minden 1999

MotorScene Dortmund 1999

Wörtherseetour 2000

Wörtherseetour 2000 Part 2

Have fun. ;)



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Awesome. I was at Wörthersee a couple of weeks ago. 

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Little blast from the past!

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Mail Man G40

Meine Fresse, bist du alt! 8>T 

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