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Scirocco GTX


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Picked up a new project, before I start a bit of history taken from the last owners build thread

"Hey guys picked up a little project from "everlust" last weekend so thought if start a little project/build thread. It's currently sat on my dads drive so I can only get over to it and work on it at weekends so progress could be a little slower then I was hoping.

So basically its a GTX 1.8 8v injection. It's black which I love! Picked it up knowing it was blowing blue smoke on acceleration and headgasket gone. Still I took my friend down and we drove it back at a steady 60 with a few stops to top up oil as the headgasket is leaking quite quick. It ran the 80 mile home beautifully otherwise!!

So here are the advertised pics




So dropped it off and didn't have any time to do anything so came back today. Got it Jacked up and checked it all out, I was amazed to find next to no rust. The little bit there was I wire brushed up as it hadn't done any damage, rust treated it then fully undersealed the entire underneath so I know that's good. Noticed whilst I was underneath its needs a few bits like the rear axle bushes are extremely perished and the steering rack gaitors are ripped up.
So gave it a wash as it has been standing for I don't know how long.
Wash, polish and sealed and came out a lot better. Still not happy with it some will get the cutting compound out next time to get it up much better.






So now that's done I have just started stripping the head off to see what's going on with that when it's off.
Thanks for reading, sorry its not that exciting.

Had a quick look again today before I have to go out





Cylinder 2 + 3 are down on compression so definately need to strip head off and see whats going on

So spent a few hours getting the head off yesterday. Found the compression issue, exhaust valves are burnt so not seating properly. Also found there were burnt due to over fueling. Bottom end thankfully is fine, bores are good and Pistons still ok just need a little clean.




Will hopefully get the head stripped at work in the week during free spaces of time, will replace the valves and stem seals as well as a skim"

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So new seats, fits around the rear strut brace nicely   Gt gear knob   Clear indicators        

Picked up a new project, before I start a bit of history taken from the last owners build thread "Hey guys picked up a little project from "everlust" last weekend so thought if start a little project


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Lovely. Need a scirocco in my life lol, might pop by to see this at some point :)

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this looks lovely, I remember there used to be a mk1 scirocco mk1 storm round the corner from me when i was in collage. Hope this is kept standish as you dont see many in your condition. :smile: .

Nimal xx

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I do love a mk2 Scirocco. Fantastic cars to drive. Looking forward to seeing you get it back together :)

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Continueing the previos owners blog

"So stripped the head today, ready to go off for a skim. Cleaned the valves up and there not actually damaged/pitted or anything so I am just going for a skim, new valve stem oil seals and re-seat the valves and build it back up
The compression being down so much is I assume because of the poor seating the valves currently have as you will be able to see by the pictures.





So progress is going better then I expected!

Head is back from skim, sat for hours and lapped in all the valves (which is not fun!) and cleaner it all up as was caked in oil everywhere. Rebuilding at the moment but hopefully will be refitting it on Sunday fingers crossed






Taken longer then expected but it's fully MOT'd (no advisorys) and on the road.
My list of replaced things are:
Steering rack bushes/tie rods/track rod ends.
Rear axle bushes.
New brake pipes all round including and found it has goodridge braided hoses.
Plugs/leads/dizzy/rotor arm.
Full top end rebuild as above and every seal top and bottom.
Stainless steel 4 branch manifold.
Clutch kit.
Cut out a section of the sill that had a hole in and weld new plate in.
Then just other bits and bobs, re-wire radio, attempt to fix clocks and fail haha."








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Some info from the ad

"Mk2 scirocco gtx 1.8 8v k-jet.
155k on clock will rise a little.
MOT until January 2017.
Please note this car has no back seats so is a 2 seater!

Hey guys up for sale is my beloved scirocco, only reason for sale is new job with many more miles to do so have bought a diesel for the job and have no room for the old girl.

I'll start with the bad points as every car has them!
The sunroof doesn't work, if you turn the handle there's just a load of clicking noises and no go (well it opens a few mm then stops).
The bodywork isn't great and there's been spraying on he doors which isn't good either.
I stripped the clocks to fix the usual mileage not turning over fault, fixed it but in doing so broke the speedo needle. It is taped on and works fine though just not asthetically pleasing. Also I lost one of the black covers above the led cluster in it so you can see through to the circuit board, again just asthetic.
The car is running poor from first starting, I am trying to sort it before sale but so far no luck, it will start ok then choke and splutter and cut out so needs revving up but at same time doesn't Rev well until a minute or so in when it's got some warmth in it then will run completely fine once it's warmed up a little.
Dash is warped and cracked as they all are.
It has central locking but never worked since before I owned it (currently unplugged as pump goes on for ages if you plug it in. Found petrol actuator missing and sourced one from a mk2 golf but not got round to fitting.

Now on to the good parts!!
In the past 18 months I have owned it I was restoring it back to life, it has had:
Head skim/head gasket/valve stem oil seals/valves re-seated and all other seals gaskets above.
Fully sanded underneath and undersealed (no rust found at time)
Full service including all filters and dizzy/arm/leads etc.
It failed it's first MOT pretty bad as I expected as it was close to being scrapped when I found it.
It had all MOT fails/advises done including:
Steering rack bushes/arms/track rod ends.
Rear axle bushes.
And probably many other things I'm just going off the top of my head at the moment.
Be fitted a 4 branch stainless steel manifold with straight through centre section and twin exhaust back box.
New coilovers were fitted last October and lifted back up early January so still move easy and can you can lower to suit you choice.
Has front recaro mk4 golf seats fitted, passengers is worn but not the worst I've seen. They no longer fold foward as the arms don't line up with covers and the hole are still in seat for the handles from mk4 so would need sowing shut but never bothered me.
Has all the vdo guages present and working
Multi function instrument panel for mpg etc.
Rear wiper delete with insert not rubber Bung.
Rear has carpet to cover where old seats are, not cut perfect but good enough (also not stuck down as I couldn't decide if I wanted to or not)
It's has a wind age tray in sump, the sump also has a 5mm welded plate on so its knock proof (as I ran quite low)
Has front upper AND lower and also rear strut braces.
This is all I can think of at the moment but there's probably a lot more.
Have loads of reciepts and a folder full from previous owner including high lift cam etc.
Car comes with no audio except front speakers fitted and I have tears I have purchased that will come with car as previous owner removed them but I haven't fitted yet.
In January I replaced the battery and startor motor.
It has tinted front indicators. Also the black stripped rear.
Headlamp washers (not wired up and never have been)
Upgraded cooling fans for rad.
Replaced heater motor."

some pics after it arrived



this si what the exhaust was doing to my drink


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not to much going on yet,

gave the bonnet a tcut and wax




put some new spark plugs in incase the porcelin was craced on one and it was arching to the head, upped the idle speed to and its helped. still rough on cold start but can rev more freely

noticed that its possible to get reverse without pushing the shfter down as it should which was interesting.

other than that just been driving it about and getting use to it

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Well done for saving one there aren't many left, I still have my old Scirocco GTX sat in my parents front garden.

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how's engine running. running good?

Once warm is runs spot on, just lumpy from cold. Its 1.8 8v and modified so has decent mid range and top end but doesnt have the instant pull the polo has upto 60 i think the polo could have it

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Well done for saving one there aren't many left, I still have my old Scirocco GTX sat in my parents front garden.

I cant take the credit, belonged to matt01 who done the work. I've had it just over a week but will be treating it to the service the polo has had

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went round with the boiled lind seed oil


spent most the day driving it about as it was sunny and the rest of the weekend wont be. people react better to this car than the polo, give you a wave or drop the window to hear it go past

planning to fit my 272 cam with a gt pulley as this is the old style cam that sits through the pulley.

the car needs a good going over with detailing producuts to bring the paint and plastics up

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Always got attention anywhere I went, good old tank!

When I had my mk2 Rocco it was always getting looks, waves and nods of approval from people. The Polos don't get anywhere near the same attention apart from the odd "Nice Golf" or "Is that a GT40" comment.

Keep up the good work :)

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I get nice golf alot in the polo, i find bigger cars react to the scirocco when they see it coming. Its once they see the polo take off then they have a look

Not done a great deal on this yet, got it starting easier but runs in 3 cylinders till the fans come in and then all 4

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just a few mre bits, replaced the boot lock rubber and switched to a polo coupe s steering wheel





also did a 260 mile round trip for some front and rear seats, car did it with no problems

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Really like the look of this thing and I quite like the dash, thinking I would quite like to own one

Sent from my SM-G925F using Tapatalk

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So new seats, fits around the rear strut brace nicely




Gt gear knob



Clear indicators






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I don't know if you do or don't know but them indicators I had on it are around £100 and not often come up... Just so you don't chuck them out

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Yeah i looed into them, got them set aside in the spares box. Loving the car by the way


Gonna clay bar and wax it soon 

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Yeah a guy of a scirocco forum sorted me out a replacement wur and it did wonders

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