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Skymera's 2016 Polo R-Line TDi

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Hi all,


First time poster. It appears I have a post. More of a lurker.

I got my Polo new back in March of this year. I do a lot of motorway commuting so economy was a primary factor when choosing the car. I settled on the 1.4 TDi which is averaging 70MPG with my highest hitting 84MPG :)


Not everything has been smooth sailing. The EGR failed after just 300 miles and took VW a month to fix.


During this time I had a VW Up 1.0 for a week which has to be the worst car I have ever driven.

I also had a top of the range 2015 Golf SV GT TDi with DSG for 2 weeks which I loved.


This model also has the full LED DRLs and LED headlights which I was told were new to models starting late 2015 / early 2016. They are amazing and easily my favourite feature.



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A bit about me.


I am a Technical Support Specialist for an audio company and am studying towards Microsoft MCSA.


My previous cars:



1998 Honda Civic MB6 VTi

This had the 170HP B18C4 engine and was a right laugh to drive. I had it for 2 years and covered 32,000 miles before the distributor failed signalling the end of an era.

It was on Meister R coilovers which were bought brand new.

Windows were tinted all round.

Straight through pipe with some generic jap can.


Biggest gripes was a lack of torque, the only way to drive these cars was to drive them hard which wore thin very quick.

Something was oddly satisfying at revving to 8,200rpm.




Nissan Micra 1.0 / 1.3 K11

This was originally bought as an emergency car when my Fiesta finally blew up. It was a cracking car and easily my most fun to date.

Over the 2 years it had a lot of love and things done.

It was 1.3 converted on a 1.0 gearbox and clutch.

It was on Corsa C coilovers at the front, Polo 6n at the rear.

Wheels were 7.5J / 8.5J banded Polo steels from the 80s I believe





2009 - 2012

Lots of sheds.

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Welcome back!


Nice Polo, it's great seeing some of the newer models on the site now! :D

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84MPG? Not bad!


nice Polo, & for some reason I really like that little Micra - although I could see it disappearing into some of our local potholes

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