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Russell Rustyp Pember

GT throttle body, porting, polish and dewedging

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Hello there,


My brother has a mk2 Polo GT and I have started working on the spare throttle body. There are a lot of improvements to be made, firstly the infamous "dewedging" which opens up the throttle body but the throttle butterfly spindles can be slimmed down quite a bit to further open up flow. The mouth of the throttle body is quite angular in places and could be smoothed out and made into more of a trumpet shape for better, smoother airflow.


Would there be interest from anyone else with GTs to have the same work done on their throttle bodies on an exchange basis? Just testing the water.


Thanks, Russ

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Are you able to get pictures of the work you are doing? 

I could be wrong but it seems to me most of the restriction in the GT intake system is from the AFM and the way the elbow bolts onto the throttle body. 

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Will try and get pics up soon, I have only started working on the TB yesterday in between other work. I will look at my Brother's GT next time I am over to look at elbow and AFM. Thanks, Russ

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On 4/21/2017 at 17:01, kwijibo_coupe said:

Are you able to get pictures of the work you are doing? 

I could be wrong but it seems to me most of the restriction in the GT intake system is from the AFM and the way the elbow bolts onto the throttle body. 


Hi Kwijibo,


I had a good look at my Brother's GT yesterday whilst I was re-hanging the front bumper.  


The elbow doesn't look to be too much of a restriction, there is a nice radius in the turn, and has a reasonable cross sectional area.  There are a couple ways it could be modified OR there is potentially a pre-formed silicone hose I have seen that could be used that would be held on with a jubilee clip removing the need for the 2 bolts to be used and allowing the throttle body to be modified further.  I will find a link for the hose.


The AFM itself doesn't look like too much of a restriction when it is open BUT the opening to it inside the airbox is a bit shocking for a so-called sporting model.  All square edges and part of the lid overlaps the AFM opening.  This could be opened up, smoothed out and given a nice radius with a trumpet fabricated.


The air box is pretty useless as the air-filter fills up the large proportion of the lower airbox restricting flow into the airbox and around the airfilter.  The pipework leading to the airbox is a bit limiting as well.  To keep it looking OEM I would suggest using or fabricating a foam panel filter and opening up the bottom of the air-box to flow more air.


The good thing about the AFM is that it will compensate for any extra airflow the mods will provide.


My brother also mentioned Mk3 Golf 1.3 parts can be used as an upgrade?  I took some pics of the stock parts to illustrate, will upload them soon.



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Photo is of the nearly finished GT throttle body. It has a nice smooth radiused entry into the throttle body for smoother, less turbulent air flow (standard has very square edge) throttle spindles have been slimmed down for less restriction to flow and the wedge removed.

gt tb.jpg

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