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mk2 polo

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Hi just thought I'd introduce my self and my car I'm chace-jordan (or c-j to most) the car is a mk2  polo (well I beleive it's classed as a mk2  model but am ready to be corrected by folks with more knowledge ) its

Never going to be a show car iv just brought it off a mate he stopped using it as it kept over heating and has said it needs water pump and thermostat he did the head gasket and cam belt last year but lost interest in it it's been sat for nearly a year but we charged the battery up and turned the key and it instantly jumped into life gave mate £100 for it with view to getting it back on road I joined this forum as am hoping that someone will be able to point me in the right direction or give me some advice on how much a water pump and thermostat will cost and if it's something that I can either attempt my self (am not a mechanic but am ok with tinkering and willing to have a go at stuff )or is  it a bigger job that will need to go to a garage so I can get it mot /serviced and back on road asap have added a pic of the car as it is now  not best pic want to paint roof Matt black remove some Of the stickers (if not all yet to be decided repaint wheels I know it's not everybody's taste and some of the interior will prob get changed as it's been done out in lime green and pink fur which although i quite like it  as its something. different I want to put my own stamp on iT looking forward to meeting new folks and maybe attending some shows once it's back on road 




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Mk2f from the rounded rear shape.. square headlights?


Yeah, easy job for both. Just don't move the cam or crank-pulleys-  when tensioning the cambelt that drives the water-pump.

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Hi and thanks for the info much appreciated and yeah it's got the square front lights 

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Mk2f then.


You may as well reverse flush the radiator and heater when you've drained the coolant. The heater bleed valve is the only thing to cause me any problems. I overtightened it  and it snapped - not unexpected for 30 year old plastic ... maybe I could have replaced just the plastic threaded bolt or used a new o-ring - but a new heater was easy to find and under £30.

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