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Car Show Scotland /Car seat upholstery

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not sure if anyone up north (Aberdeen area)  is interested but there is a car show coming up on Saturday called blast from the past....its for charity and the garage which just passed my mot wants me to enter the polo so im reluctantly putting it in......


Like i said just passed the MOT and its booked in for full bodywork and respray in October. The interior is getting re upholstered as well at the end of the year so if anyone has any pictures of what the original interior on a bread van mk 2 was like that would be great as im wanting to stick as original as possible.....although the seats in it at the moment were taken from a newer polo. 




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How was Blast from the Past? I was going to go but I ended up having other commitments. 


Unfortunately I don't have any mk2 interior pics but good luck with your search. 

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