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Cutmore's GTI

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Welcome to my thread for my Polo GTI. 


Technically I've never left Polo ownership since 2009, my first car was a 6n2 which I still own. Since since then I've owned some shocking vehicles, two Vauxhall Corsas & a Peugeot 307SW I suppose have to be the worst. 


So after my Fabia vRS kept throwing bill after bill at me,  I decided enough was enough. I looked at nearly new Polo GTI's, which were oddly enough more expensive than buying a brand new one. 


Choosing the spec was a bit of a difficult one for me,  I didn't want to over spec as with VW, and any manufacture I suppose, additions soon add up and you are soon up to Golf money! But obviously I didn't want to buy a new car and regret not speccing it well enough for the next 3 years or however long I keep it, so I want with the convenience pack & sport pack.


I cannot imagine many drastic modifications to the car to be honest, the idea of going with a new car was to make the most of a warranty. 


Well anyway, photos:


36207924736_1992602540_z.jpgDSC_0636 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr

36208030236_7a6afcb030_z.jpgDSC_0642 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr

36114795921_33d865d639_z.jpgDSC_0643 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr

35415592204_a2dbe4872c_z.jpg20170704_200725 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr


And one of my first Polo, as you can see it hasn't had much use lately. 

35415637054_ec3971d0a9_z.jpg20170520_153851 by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr 

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Looks good mate, glad to see another 6C on here, very few and far between atm! 

Hopefully you can keep it that clean! It looks well! 

I haven't seen one with your wheels before, i like them! 


You sound a lot like me with owning Polos since 2009! I got my first Polo in 2010 and I'm now on my 5th one! :lol: although the only other car i have owned is a 1973 VW beetle! 


Good luck with the car, hope you have as much fun with it as i'm having with mine! :D 

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Very nice

bet it's fun on Scottish roads!

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Sold the GTI after a year and a bit of owning it. Didn't actually want to sell it, but couldn't refuse an opportunity with work. 


I wouldn't hesitate buying another, although I think I would go for a better spec, and in black. 


New motor below. 



Wrangler by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr


45718649654_56bbe996f1.jpgWrangler by Ryan Cutmore, on Flickr

Edited by Cutmore

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