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2001 6N2 GTI Stock - Overhaul Steps for the Future...

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TLovett12    0

Hi all,


Long time member, minimal poster, unless it's when there's an emergency!


I've had a stock 2001 6N2 GTI 5dr in Silver since 2008 and is rapidly approaching 160K on the clock and was looking for some insight into what to do next in terms of keeping this car on the road and in it's best condition and wanted to learn from anyone elses experiences.


Some basic facts:

Purchased 2008 - 35K on the clock approx.

Has been regularly serviced every year or 10,000 miles

Recent Cambelt and Waterpump change at 158K having perhaps missed one or two since 90K

Recent Alternator swapout after the original finally gave up

Running Eagle F1's all round on original 15" BBS split rims

Was part of the Pedal Box recall or missed the boat on the issues, not sure but remember not being a cause for concern when I looked into it


-Gearbox still sounds quiet and shifts ok with some stickyness, expected from an old car, none of the usual bearing issues that were known of.

-Aircon doesn't work anymore - compressor clutch activates, gas in the system but does not activate when switched on, signal not reaching solenoid so I'm guessing bad wiring somewhere.

-Intermittent ABS light - suspected from faulty NSR wheel sensor

-Temperature gauge fails to work, every 3rd-4th start? Again, probably some wiring.

-Headlamps doing their usual deterioration, need a restoration

-Wheels in desperate need of a refurb


So this may seem like a pretty arbitrary run down of all my cars faults and niggles, but having owned this car for almost ten years and genuinely being in love with it from styling to handling, I want to give it the best attention possible whilst remaining stock.


Are there any suggestions for either stock or slightly uprated parts I can look into, or what the next steps would be to maintaing it's life expectancy or things I should prepare myself for down the line?


Any info, much appreciated,




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Elijah    93

I would just keep it simple, regular oil changes, cambelt on time.  160k is superb for one of these.

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