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2017 VW Arteon

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Yes I'm an old man! 


Been wanting one of these ever since saw the concept and the test mules, so went and asked the question at local dealers (which a friend now helpfully works for :D) in the middle of September and put deposit down and confirmed the build order.It was on the build schedule for week beginning 15th October, it arrived in the UK the 9th November and the dealer on 17th November, collected it yesterday 8>)




2017 MY VW Arteon R-Line


280PS 2 litre TFSI

Maximum power 280ps at 5100rpm
Maximum torque 258lbs.ft at 1700rpm


4 motion & DSG


ACC / Lane Assist / Traffic Jam Assist / XDS Differential / DCC / Active Display (all as standard)


Only options ticked:  Paint & Heated Windscreen


Turmeric Yellow Metallic (pictures don't do it justice, way better in person)


Makes life in stop/start traffic way better than my old A5 as I've got dodgy knees and the heavy clutch was starting to take its toll


Few pictures











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That is stunning - lovely colour and shape

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I bet the G40 looks tiny next to that. :tongue:

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Bit of an update on this, used daily for work and has been handy in collecting bits for the G (picked up some bumpers in this and went in no issue :D)


In terms of mpg et al



(Photo is a bit old as done double that, need to take another!)


Rough average mpg (all depends on traffic really!)




Pointless but fun screen :D




Got rather dirty going to get bumpers so was lazy and got it valeted







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      Some of you may know I had a 1.0L 6n2 a while back and ended up selling that and buying a mk2 polo, now the time for a more reliable daily has come up, do I or do I not buy a 6n2 GTI, what are they like on fuel and fun? and is there anything else someone would suggest? btw the mk2 will be in the garage to have some bodywork done and new carb etc
    • joaopneves
      By joaopneves
      I'm João, from Portugal, and this is my Polo. It's a 1989 Mark II Typ 86C Steilheck model, powered by a 1.0l engine with about 45hp. Bought it 6 years ago, with about 11.200km. It has now about 55.300km and it's my daily. It's totally original (and in need of some small things) and the objetive is not having a "project car" by the definition of it, but have it as is, the most OEM possible while possible, so the maintenance will be the most important thing on this project. This breadvans are not that common here in Portugal, and when I need some sort of part, it's not easy to find it. When I join your club, I was looking for some parts, but then I realize how popular is/was this model in UK, so I decided to be part of the family and since that I'm not sorry. I did not made many friends here, but I feel I'm part of it (also, I believe, because I'm not from UK and because of that I cannot join meets and other events).
      I've said it when I had the other topic, but I'll say it again. My Polo is not the best on forum, and I know that. Also, to be honest, I'm quite far from "the best out there". There are many excelente projects out there, and many awesome topics. Mainly not that original as mine I believe, but nevertheless worst. To be quite honest, I do think my Polo is not that bad, nor phisically or mecanically, but I know that there's always work to do, and that's also why I love cars. They are never ready, and we bond with them and with other people alike.
      Right now I'll post some photos of how it looks, but I want to get the older photos (all of them, that I had on the other topic!) in order to post them here. That way I can have a updated topic and with all the big things I've done in these years.

      General Info:
      Maker: Volkswagen
      Model: Polo II Typ 86C Steilheck (Squareback)
      Year: 1989
      Color: Alpinweiß (L90E)
      Engine: 4 straight cylinder, 1043cc 45cv/hp @ 5600rpm (carb Weber 32TL)
      Gearbox: 4 speed, manual
      Weight: 735kg (1625lbs)
      SpritMonitor: http://www.spritmonitor.de/de/detailansicht/543596.html
      Manufacturer MPG: 8.0l/100Km










      P.S.: This is not a new entry here, on forum. Actually, I had a topic of my own about this very Polo. Yet, I had some issues with the images I've posted, and because of that I decided to delete the old topic and create a new one.
    • IIIBossonsIII
      By IIIBossonsIII
      Okay so here it is.
      My new sensible Daily while I'm working on my Mk1.
      This car is replacing my 1.2 4 Door 9n (I know its boring). So this is now my "Sensible car"

      The Car has full service history, only done 92000 and a shed load of receipts.
      My plans are to get the front sitting lower as its a bit out of balance with the rear right now
      And I'm gonna paint that badge Black because it looks awful in Red
      Other than that i'm just trying to tidy it up and get it sitting nice. I may remove the rear seats in the future for a False floor but i haven't decided yet
    • Guggu
      By Guggu
      Hi guys. My first post on here, but I've been lurking around since I've owned my Polo.
      Bought my 1.4 Petrol with 47k miles as my first car last summer and pretty much no work has been done until the beginning of this year. I've done a lot of work in it since then, so I've made up my mind to finally start my own thread and show you guys my progress.
      This is how I got my car first - completely stock:
      Only a new stereo had been fitted at this point.
      I wanted to keep my car looking clean and simple, without overdoing it. In my eyes, less is more.
      Decided to change my horrible hubcaps to some new alloys. I was torn between the traditional Comps, Pepperpots or the Montreals. Finally, I've chosen the Montreals. Found some on eBay which where refurbished.
      A small addition were the smoked side repeaters.
      This is how my car then sat:
      As you can see from the above photos, the car needed some major LOW . Since I'm a student, I'm on a tight budget so I went for the JOM's coilovers. Didn't want to go too low as this is my daily car.
      Also managed to get hold of a Mattig spoiler for the back. Moreover, I wanted to colour code my front and back valances.
      How my car looked with all these additions: (couldn't resist not taking the car for a drive while my valances where being painted haha! )
      The front headlight began to turn yellow and was badly scratched, so I got a new pair of headlights. Also, I love the 9N3's taillights, so I've picked up a pair as well. Painted my calipers and disc brakes in silver as well. Valances were also put together.
      Getting checked by the doctor
      This is how my car is currently sitting, which I am very satisfied:
      The only future changes I would like to make are:
      1. De-Badge Rear
      2. De-Wiper Rear
      3. Improve Car Audio
      4. I'm not too sure about the Twin Exhaust Tip, maybe I'll change that to a Single or else nothing at all
      5. Touch-up dents and chips
      I would love to see what you guys think of my car, and any suggestions to improve are more than welcome!
      Thanks for viewing my progress. I will upload better photos soon.
    • scumbagmike
      By scumbagmike
      Our beloved 6n was rear-ended and written off on Saturday evening, so we went out and bought a 9n 1.4 FSI Sport the following day as a replacement.

      The 6n was an absolute gem of a car - handled great and was cheap and cheerful to run. We'd spent a wee bit of money on it over the past year, replacing worn parts and upgrading the aesthetics with a set of G60 steels and a subtle lowering. So the demise of said car was - and still is - a sad affair, especially as it had grown on me so much I was intending on retiring it in the next year or so for a full rebuild alongside my Mk3 Golf ABF.
      Anyways, after spending some time looking at various replacements, we concluded that we couldn't agree on an ideal replacement; she wanted a Beetle, I wanted a sensible Mk4 Golf GT TDI as we cover a ton of miles between us each week... So in the end we both compromised and settled on an '04 9n 1.4 16v FSI Sport.

      So far, despite being comfortable and spacious, I can't help but miss the 6n, it's simplicity and handling, but I'm sure the more modern and already more economical 9n will grow on us in no time.
      The main plans are to replace a few worn parts, give it a damn good detailing and look into any minor engine upgrades such as porting, remapping, etc. In the long term, I fancy sourcing some OEM Audi or VW 17s and lowering it accordingly, colour code the rub strips and possibly upgrade the brakes to fill the larger diameter wheels. It'll never be a show car, so don't expect air-ride and Rotiform splits with super-stretched rubber :)
      Over the next few days I'll be cleaning and fixing, so I'll update with better pictures along the way.
      Advice and/or comments welcome folks!

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