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Hi polo people. Hope you're all very well. I'm having issues with the slider controls for the heating on my bready. I can't find anything more than an exploded diagram in the Haynes. The sliders don't slide all the way to the right. The top one nearly does but the bottom one doesn't. Only goes 3/4 of the way across. Is taking it off and refitting very fiddly? Is there anywhere i can find instructions on it? 

Thanks for stopping by and any guidance you can give. 

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It's useful for part numbers. I have a spare set of parts anyway as i have another breadvan on my drive. I opened up the dash just now to see what was donkin it all up. The end of the blue cable that attaches to the side of the blower motor in the bay, is not hooked up properly so there's no tension in the cable. Think the whole mechanism that the sliders are attached to has been mashed in some way too. The little white piece on the back of the dash trim has a big gouge out of it from one of the sliders. Is the best way to get to it all to remove the blower motor in the bay or to take out lower sections of the dash? Haven't really got enough space to work just takin the dash speaker grill off. 

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    • Eviljohn
      By Eviljohn
      Good afternoon polo people. I hope you are all extemely well and not sunburnt. 
      I'm looking for some guidance on my exhaust if anyone can give any. Also open to opinion or discussion. I have a 1983, 1043cc breadvan. Previous owner has removed mid section flexi pipe from exhaust and replaced with straight section of pipe. Not sure about internal diameter. The guidance i'm looking for is to do with how the diameter of the exhaust would affect the running of the engine. The back box, outlet mani and downpipe all look like stock. Just that mid section that's been changed that i'm aware of. If the internal diameter of that section is different from the stock flexi pipe, how would that affect how the car runs?
      Would i need to adjust my fuel/air mix to compensate? Would it make the car less economical? Would it affect the gap on my plugs? Would the backwards pressure be different and how will that affect the engine working? Would it affect the response at different points in the rev range and gears? Would i be better off going back to flexi pipe?
      I understand some guidance will be speculation as i can't give an accurate id of exhaust pipe.
      Engine is stock, carb is manual choke, weber 32ibf, main jet changed to suit engine, custom carb mount. Stock dizzy with points and condensor but changing that to refurbished one with electronic ignition next week.
      Thanks for stopping by and any guidance you may be able to leave. 
      I appreciate your patience with this as well considering the info i have. 

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