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I'm Tom from Cumbria.

I've just bought a 2003 1.4l 16v (100bhp). My previous cars were a 2011 2.0TSI Scirocco and a 2015 Polo GTi. Had a kid so needed to get rid of the hatchback to buy a family car. 

Bought the 9N as a bit of a project. I am planning on doing an engine swap for a VAG 1.8T in the distant future but for now I'm going to upgrade the brakes and suspension (lower it by 35-40mm)

Here is where I need some help. From what I've read I need to keep any new alloys around the 15-16" diameter but the upgrade brake kits state they require a 17" alloy to allow fitting. Does anyone know if fitting 17s would be detrimental to the drive or set up of the vehicle or if it would require any further modifications?

Thanks, Tom

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To keep the same rolling radius you'd need lower profile tyres that will make it a shade less comfy but a shade more responsive

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2 hours ago, kiran_182 said:


Thank you. I found the calculation I was looking for. Example (in case anyone was curious):

Tyre specs: 195/55R15

A = 195

B = 55

C = 15

X = A * (B÷100) + ((C*25.4)÷2) 

X = 297.75mm


The change is satisfactory as long as the new measurement is within 2.5% of the original. 

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