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Cameron Wilkins

Hi guys, im Cam, I’m new to the page!!

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Cameron Wilkins

I’ve got 2 VW Polo 9n’s, one on the left is 1.4 TDI sport and the one on the right is a 1.9 TDI sport, the Polo GT TDI 130 was too pricey for me lol..?


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Welcome to the Forum

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    • Meg9n
      By Meg9n
      My drivers side headlight is really cloudy and I was wondering if there was a way to get rid of it? Does anyone know?
    • performancevw
      By performancevw
      I have original polo 9n fog lights and fog light / headlight switch. the only thing missing is wiring.  I want to know the connections but not the oem factory way as I know there is already a thread on that. I want to use relay connection so could someone in the know tell how to connect by using 5 pin relay or post a picture diagram, thanks in advance.
    • performancevw
      By performancevw
      Wanted polo 9n both front wings, in paintcode LB5N, if anyone selling or know someone who has, please let me know. thanks
    • MarkTB
      By MarkTB
      I've followed the guide in FAQ's to retrofit remote central locking to a friends Polo 9N but had a couple of issues:
      Module installed, coded etc, but I'm unable to get the remote to pair. Has anyone else had this issue and what was the solution?
      The original module was 6q0959433h (H02/S0002) and I've got 6Q0 959 433 E (H01/0001) - I know some have said you need the right sub-variant but others have had no issues interchanging. All installed and coded with VCDS no problems, just unable to get the remote to pair. Tried the original method of ignition on, lock door and press unlock x2 but nothing. The remote we got was the 'AH' variant but everything I've read says this is interchangeable with 'DA' and some on here have had no issues.
      Also yesterday, I got told that whenever he unlocks the car with the key the hazards start flashing immediately (they flashed after about a minute initially which I assumed to be due to expecting an alarm to be fitted?), and also when he turns the ignition on, all the instrument check lights come on the cluster, but then there is a 'bong' but no obvious cause. I've not had chance to scan with VCDS again yet but wondered if anyone had any ideas - am I looking at a faulty module?
      Any help greatly appreciated!
    • GeorgeGod
      By GeorgeGod
      Hi, my polo has been making this noise for quite a while now but never bothered to do anything about it, it was only last week that it started getting louder, every time I turn left or right o have a clicking noise, I think it's coming from the N/S so I changed the cv joint, bottom ball joints both sides, drop links but it's still there, I'm just chucking money at it now and it's getting annoying, my next guess would be top mounts but thought I'd come here first to get a answer. Thanks 

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