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Cameron Wilkins

My VW Polo MK6 1.9 PD 100... tuned to 150bhp (GT Replica)

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Cameron Wilkins




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Cameron Wilkins

It has 5 speed gear box instead of the 6 speed,

Just out of interest any of you guys running one of those 9n aftermarket armrests that’s replaces the the 2 cup holders behind the handbrake?? 

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    • KyumY
      By KyumY
      I need some help finding some wheels fro my polo and maybe some help with the widest i can get my wheeks , and what diameter etc.
      I am looking for wheels with a wider offset or wider wheels. and some help on stretch tyres
      Thanks for your help and time 
    • connor_warren
      By connor_warren
                 I've recently purchased a decat pipe for my 2004 9N 1.4 tdi, has anyone had any issues fitting the pipe 

    • Maliko
      By Maliko
      Hi all,
      I am new to the forum 🙂
      I own a 2002 Polo 9N and I am planning to convert it to a 9N3 face.
      I am considering getting 9N3's:
      - Bumper
      - Headlights
      - Bonnet
      - Wings
      Is crash bar needed too?
    • Tony2002polo
      By Tony2002polo
      Hi, I've got the amber steering warning light and intermittent power steering so I opted to change the pump but could only get an a2 pump. Having fitted this pump the power steering appears to be working OK but the warning light is still lit. Could it be that the ECU detects that the pump was originally on an Audi and flag it as an error / fault? Thanks in advance for any help.
    • dunebugger
      By dunebugger
      I've been searching the net for clearcut information on Polo 9n (not 9n3) dash upgrades with not my much luck.

      I'm wondering what can be added / upgraded on the 9n's interior electrical/dash side but all I seem to find is 9n3 information.

      My 05 Polo Dune TDI now has the MFD head unit fitted and I love it. I want to add cruise control next which is fairly straightforward like the Mk4 Golf from what I can see. But are there any upgrades that can be had for the instruments and controls?

      I'm thinking FIS, MFA on the headunit, multifunction steering wheel (connected to the MFD and cruise?) etc.

      I have a MFSW from a Mk4 Golf with the control module but I can't seem to find anything about wiring and the clockspring etc.

      Golf guys get all the toys! Worried the 9n is doomed to have a limited setup with just warning lights on the dash😄


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