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Polo 6N2 1.6 16v GTI

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Hello guys... Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, but I'm new to the club.

I have a Polo 6N2 1.6 16v GTI (125hp) and the thing is that I kind of blew up the engine...

Anyway the engine is been rebuild and it's about 95% done, the only thing I need is a new connecting rod for this model.

I've been looking everywhere so this is one of my last options.Again sorry if I didn't post this in the right place but if anyone ,miraculously, has one lying around and wants to get rid of it feel free to text me.


Thank you in advance.



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    • walshtimothy
      By walshtimothy
      just testing the water , new baby is forcing the sale of my nippy little polo , its been well looked after , revved a fair bit but annually well maintained , corrosion is very low with only surcface corrosion on rear axel noticeable ( i kurust any surface rust every year and paint with matte black car paint religiously ) , silver , 80500 miles - timing belts done 3 k ago , oil , ht leads , distrubutor , coolant , brake fluid , front subframe , wishbones done recently , lowered on fk coilovers . original bbs split rims polished lip on powder coat gloss black centres . g60 big brakes upgrade on front discs , 1000 miles on these , as usual on a car of this age some bad bits - I think the fuel pump is on the way out - ive changed the relay for the pump , camshaft sensor etc but very occaionally cuts out about 2 mins after starting - start her again and it goes for miles ( weeks even ) with no issues . havent had it looked at on vagcom but likely a fuelling issue as it has been decatted with full stainless exhaust ( cat comes with car if you want to reinstall ) , has momo wheel and adapter , comes with original wheel and airbag if you want to go stock. original undertray still present , engine cover ( needs mounting screws ) and mudflaps as stock - very very tidy car , sounds great and drives stiff . open to reasonable offers if can collect from northern Ireland.   will post a photo soon , thanks , tim.
      No part exchange offers please - this has to go to make space for a boring car lol :)
      ps photos are from a few years back , the car actually looks better now lol - will be sold with full carnuba wax job and home detail before sale :)
    • Sophs
      By Sophs
      Hello all, I have a polo 1.4 diesel 6n2 (not GTi) originally comes with drums on the rear, what rear axle fits so I can have disc brakes.? 
    • polo steph
      By polo steph
      For sale is my lovely white polo GTI 07 plate. This car has had 4 previous owners to myself. It is a 1.8 20vt, it has had a revo remap by the previous owner by awesome GTI on 24/12/2010, I have the receipt for this, I believe the car produces around 210bhp, I haven't had it checked but it is a very nippy little car and very fun to drive. The car is on FK AK coilovers which I only had fitted in May it also comes with the Audi A8 winter wheels. The wheels could do with a refurb but are still lovely looking wheels and quite rare. I've owned the polo since September 2012, it currently has just under 62'000 miles on the clock which is very low mileage for the year of car. I have part service history as some was lost before my ownership, some of this history is vw.  VW service @ 14'885 on 08.08.09 VW service @ 19'437 on 11.09.10 VW service @ 29'488 on 06.07.2012 Norwich Auto Services @ 48'904 on 18.07.2014 Norwich Auto Care @ 54'415 on 09.10.15 The service light is currently on but the car only requires an oil change/oil filter and fuel filter. It hasn't hit 10'000 since the last service but is on due to time.  I have taken a lot of care and spent a lot of money on this car to keep it running nice. Some of the mechanical work is as follows, lots of receipts.  Cambelt was done in Jan 2016 Front discs and pads done in Jan 2016 Rear discs and pads done in Jan 2017 Power steering pump replaced in March 2017  New FK AK coilovers fitted in May 2017 New battery fitted Nov 2017 The car is in very good condition for its age but it could benefit from the front arches being painted as the car was ran very low on air before but it would make a lovely car for someone to spend some time on and show. I'm very sad to have to sell but I now need something a bit bigger due to starting a family.  Any questions please ask. Bank transfer or cash on collection from Norwich please. £4500 Ono sensible offers considered. Please don't offer me £3000 it will be declined! 
    • rickvipe
      By rickvipe
      Hello everyone. This is my first post here and I can say that I came here for a desperate situation that I've been through in the last days. So my car is a 2000 6n2 gti 1.6 16v engine and I bought it last year. Everything ok at the beginning until one day (about 2 months after I bought it)  I noticed the clutch was slipping a bit (the car had 4 people and luggage) . So I always thought that soon I would need a new clutch. In the past couple weeks I was having fun with some mates at the roadway and after that, the clutch started to whine (nothing super loud, radio could perfectly "cover" that noise). Yesterday night I got in my car, I put the 1st gear and some metallic noises started to come from the clutch (not sure if it's the clutch) and my car lost a lot of power specially on hills (clutch slipping). Now I try to drive it and it's almost impossible, the noise it's incredibly loud, everything cracks down there and everytime I change a gear, it vibrates a lot. Now even on neutral, it whines loud and I looked under the car and it's leaking oil from the clutch housing hole (not a lot, some black drops)  when the engine is running. So, yea, I think it's easy to conclude that my clutch is completely fried and I need a new one, but what about the oil? Where does it come from? Is the gearbox done for good? 
      Take note that since I turned off my car the last time I cannot put any gear, even whit the clutch pedal pressed. 
      Any tip, advice, technical information would be greatly appreciated. 
      Sorry about my English. Best regards from Lisbon - Portugal
      Ricardo :) 
    • 6n2trndl
      By 6n2trndl
      hey polo peeps!! I've fitted 6n2 GTI hubs onto my 6n2 1.4 8v and now the wheels are toed in massively ! 
      the hole for the track rod end to go into is 10mm closer to the steering rack than the 1.4 hubs and I've now been 2 weeks without my only car trying to figure it out.  so far the only solution myself and the mechanic at the garage doing it while I'm at work have is to put threads further up the track rod and chop the ends off to make it fit but surely there's something were missing ? some part that needs changing???? I'm at a loss and I want my car back from what shouldve been a 20 minute job ?
      anybhelo appreciated- we've checked ball joints, track rod ends, checking wishbones soon but everything seems to be the same !!!

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