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1995 Seat Ibiza 6K

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Alright, so. It was either this or a Polski Fiat.

"Dad, we need a small car, not a microscopic one..."

Three years in our hands, and still going.


I've decided to keep a diary of what is going on with the car, and hopefully find helpful advice for whatever breaks next. 


I've been writing about my sickly little Beeza here for a while now, 'thankfully' the reason why I created the topic is currently hidden underneath a disabled throttle position actuator until I purchase a brand new one.


Anyways, in continuation from the previous aging thread, the car is still juddering.

Replaced the dustributor with another one and set the timing mark to 'a tiny bit left' of what the factory setting was, as factory is 500RPM apparently.


Could the coil be cutting out intermittently? It is ironic that I am an electrician and that my car has various electrical gremlins (though not as bad as some that I've seen).


I will have to take a look at a regulator and brush kit then, as dvderlm stated in the old post.


Thank you everyone for your patience!

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My car seemed to have pneumatic central locking in the past as my locks have pistons with vacuum hoses attached to them. 


I will have to try and find where the pump and computer are located, pump in the boot and computer under the dashboard somewhere?


Maybe I can revive this system with some third party hardware.


There is also a second hand unit quite away from me, so if the system was completely ripped out for some reason, I could just reconnect all of the wiring. (And it is pretty cheap IMO)


Any help on the location of these things would be greatly appreciated!


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Apparently one of the previous owners hated central locking and decided to rip everything out?

I could only find a hidden plastic piston under the fuel filler cap, and three colour coded wires on the other!


So I need to find a pump and a remote module to operate it. My doors have pneumatic locks with hoses going to them, so maybe I can make use of what VW already gave me, lucky me. I hope there are no leaks.

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