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That's a stupid idea!! Let's try it!!

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So I was talking with a friend about what I fancy for my next car..... I have an Itch to scratch with a 1600 mk2 squareback which I'll get round to....


But the idea that was set down in my brain is finding a damaged Fabia VRS estate with the 1.4 dsg 180bhp engine in it & graft the front end from a Polo 6r onto it. To give me basically a Polo GTi estate.....!!


am I bonkers or would that look cool!!??

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Just like people did the bora front end on a golf. Or even the guy who turned his mk4 polo into a mk5, can't remember his name though... Doh!

Go for it!

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Time to start measuring up & saving some ££££

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Can someone photoshop this?

Like a shrunk Passat?

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yeah like a shrunk Passat!!

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    • 6Luna8
      By 6Luna8
      T reg Polo for sale. I've had it for seven years and it has served me wonderfully.
      Last month started revving up for no reason and every so often it doesn't want to start.  It's been checked by RAC recommended garage but they couldn't find an exact fault. Had it checked again and possibly great box fault. 
      Cannot afford the fix, hence offered as a repair if possible or spare parts as a last resort. I would love to have someone fix it as it is a nice little car that could be used as a first car.
      Price offers welcome. If no offers made I will advertise elsewhere. 
    • alienmuppet
      By alienmuppet
      The car has unfortunately been standing for 3 years as I had intended to sort it out.
      Before I left it to stand, it had: a new exhaust, new fuel filter and new front tyre (passenger side). There's still a bit of air left in the new one so it might be okay. Had intermittent starting issue, was told it was probably fuel pump relay. When it did work it pulled fine, no problems found with engine itself.
      I cannot currently get it to start, and on quick inspection there is no power going to fuel pump so relay is gone. Body work is in very good condition, passenger chair has some surface mould but nothing too bad.
      It could easily be fixed and cleaned up. Was well looked after before I left it. 2 previous owners, my sister owned it before me.
      Offers welcome, I'm hoping to sell this week.
    • alienmuppet
      By alienmuppet
      Hi all,
      I have an old VW Polo 1.4 TDI (2001) that's been sitting unused for over 3 years now (I know.. life just got a bit crazy).

      The reason I didn't sell it the moment I got a new car is : -
      There was an intermittent starting issue which I spent a fair bit of money getting looked at but it never got fixed. Eventually the MOT guy said it's probably the fuel pump relay as he's seen it before with these cars. There was an intermittent indicator stalk issue where smoke would come out of it! Again, it was looked at but never fixed.. I couldn't sell it in good conscience like that. What if it caught on fire and someone got hurt! I'd still feel guilty even if I explained the problem on sale.  
      Annoyingly I did prep it for sale just before I left it to rot: I put on a new tyre, and a new exhaust, and cleaned it up.

      Now it has the usual problems associated with being left.. It's gone a little bit mouldy here and there inside, moss on the windows, and the brakes look a bit rusty.

      I have a few choices from what I can tell : -

      1) There's a guy that keeps knocking at my door from "MC Motors", who has offered me £100 for it. He just wants to cut it up and scrap it.
      2) Replace the battery, get the engine going and advertise it for sale with the problems listed.
      3) Replace the battery, get the engine going, pump the tyres up and try and get the 2 issues fixed, then put it up for sale.
      4) Just try and sell as it, either on eBay or the classifieds here.

      I really am not sure what to do. A part of me wants to just take the £100 and be done with it, but I know the engine works and it might make a nice little run about for someone, and I could perhaps earn a bit more from it... Though I might be deluded

      The frustrating thing is I know with a bit of TLC it could be a nice car - the body work is fine, and it never really had any other problems while it was in regular use.

      I did try and jump start it recently off of my car, but it wouldn't turn over! I was told it is probably because the VW's battery is knackered and sapping the power, also my new car is petrol and I think the battery doesn't have as much kick as a battery for a diesel..?
      Any help would be much appreciated.  I'm in Leicester if anyone wants to take a look.
    • vikash
      By vikash
      I have owed the car for just over 7 years and now it is time to sell due to not having time to drive it and maintain it as I am living in London.

      Car has MOT until October 2018, it is currently SORN and not insured therefore insurance and tax will be required before it can be driven away
      Not sure on the value but I would like £4500 £4000 but also open to sensible offers 

      If close to asking price is achieved all spare parts listed will come with the sale.
      The car is in Reading at my parents

      All picture: https://drive.google.com/open?id=103--yI8FA2H8p7fERACMDSG_6-OqzZBj

      Any questions please call or text me on 07793279253

      Car Details:

      Original Pearl Grey Polo G40 – 173k 
      Body wise it is in good condition and has the following:

      Pirelli p-slots in black with uniroyal rainsport 2 tyres which have covered 5k max
      De-badged grill
      Clear side indicators and side repeaters
      Custom interior in Red. Corrado recaro seats with false floor trimmed in grey alacantara
      Audioscape door pods in red leather and alcantara
      No headunit but has 2 sets of cables to each door, cable to tweeter locations and all wiring for an amp in the boot 4awg and quad line level cables installed
      Autometer boost gauge
      Blanking plate in place of stereo
      All original interior also available

      Engine/drive train:
      1341cc forged engine – 40k max covered
      Big valve head – ported and polished
      GT inlet manifold
      G60 injectors
      Jabba sport induction kit with new filter
      Balanced and lightened flywheel
      Helix organic clutch – checked by Helix and is hardly worn and in very good condition
      Ported and polished Charger and outlet by JNL racing (highly recommended company) – 6k covered
      PSD toothed pulleys
      PSD 4 branch
      Custom remap by PPP
      PPP stage 2 subframe
      Longlife custom exhaust
      AP racing 40mm shocks and springs
      VW 256mm brakes with Ferodo ds 2500 pads
      Uprated driveshaft
      New inner and outer CVs and boots (1k max)
      New Petrol tank – 6 months old
      Both fuel pumps changed for new Bosch units (2k max)
      Re-built gearbox by jabba sport - 2010
      New radiator – less than 2k covered and only over a year old
      Front mount inter-cooler
      Alternator rebuilt by Aldermaston alternators – just over a year ago
      Starter motor rebuilt by Aldermaston alternators – just over a year ago
      Mocal oil cooler and plate
      Uprated headlight loom
      Oil changed at 5k

      Extras that come with the car if close to asking price:
      Stage 4 supercharger – rebuilt by JNL racing requiring one oil seal
      New higher current alternator
      Original interior
      Original BBS alloys – recommend new tyres and can only be fitted with 13’ alloys
      Autometer narrow band AFM
      Mocal 1lite oil catch tank 
      Oil filters and fuel filters
      All other parts that I can find in the garage
    • pepperplant
      By pepperplant
      Hi guys and girls
      I'm hoping someone can help me.
      I sold my Mk2f polo back in late 2016/ early 2017. It was FOX coupe in blue that was originally 1.0 but I converted it to a 1.3 GT engine with some mods, Piper Cam, Bigger intake and a few other mods. I'm sure the guy who bought it off me was from eBay by the name of George. 
      I'd love to have that car back as it was one of the nicest I have driven.
      If anyone has any information or can point me in the right direction I would be very greatful, Maybe even some pint money!
      If you could ask around any groups or friends that break polo's etc
      The REG is L468 SYJ and it is not taxed, MOT'ed or Insured 
      Thanks again

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