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Looking for advice on route for engine swap

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I currently have mk2f polo coupe with a 1043cc 4 speed and im looking to upgrade to a different engine and looking for advice and which to go for 14 afh, 13 gt, 14 8v etc appreciate the help cheers 

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Budget, time. Cruising or sprinting.


Do want VRS power to weight? AFH plus bike carbs or G40 py.

1.3 Gt will feel massive improvement.

1.4Abd on injection also great.

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From your list the GT or 1.4 8v ABD conversion will be the simplest and easiest, straight drop in plug and play with a good increase and the short ratio gearbox if you get that with the GT conversion. 75bhp doesn't sound like much but in one of these its enough to embarrass much bigger, more powerful cars.


The AFH on injection has to be one of the best combinations in my eyes, cheap to get hold of, relatively easy conversion if you're not scared of wiring and the 100bhp end result is nothing to be sniffed at. Gives great reliability, fuel economy and power too. 

Running on bike carbs will see a good jump in power on a decent setup, but you're also adding in complications which can have reliability issues, especially if the setup has just been thrown together.



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