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Polo gt weekend spit and polish

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This weekends bilit - hamber clay bar and polish and wax. Took about 3h but still have black trim that need attention etc.




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    • Vooxo
      By Vooxo
      I'm wondering are there download-able versions of Polo 2000 Service and User manuals?
      Recently I have got one, and I'd like to learn more on how it works and to become less addicted to service repairs.
      I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum.
      If it is, please direct me to the right one.
      Thank you!
    • damunk
      By damunk
      In the engine bay back wall there is a carpet material. Is this just for sound proofing or something more?
      Can I strip it out?
    • damunk
      By damunk
      took engine out and thought while it's out change a few things at same time.
      power steering hoses , i think theres two of them.
      they both look abit rusty in some places.
      anyway of cleaning them down, take rust off and spray some paint on them?
      new ones cost 70-80 pounds each
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      So i recently got a VW polo 6n 1.2 3 cylinder. It come with 2 keys and both have a button in the middle of them, but they don't do anything? Anyone know what they are for? As I've tried using them for the central locking but nothing works. I also changed the batterys in them both and still nothing?
    • damunk
      By damunk
      I am trying to undo the dogbone mount bolt but it is not budging.
      16 spanner on both and I am turning the nut anti clockwise? Is this right direction,  because I feel if I try any hard I am going to round the bolt.

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