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Volkswagen Polo Harlequin news ft MotoringPodCasts & Rich Gooding

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Catching up with previous episodes of @MotoringPodcast.

Edition 189 https://www.motoringpodcast.com/episodes/2018/7/3/episode-189- features special edition cars.


This was from a tweet by Rich Gooding.

"I still like the Polo Harlequin, made in batches of four, reputedly by hand. Do these pictures from 1996 prove it?"






Only 113 examples of the #VW Polo Harlequin were reportedly sold in the UK, and numbers are dying out. A shame. It was fun and inspired the more popular Mk 3 Golf Harlequin in the US.



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Didn't know there was an alternative fuel variant...

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6 minutes ago, dvderlm said:

Didn't know there was an alternative fuel variant...


The last part of that advert, almost seems like VW were saying F**k off and leave us alone, we know what cars to make ??

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How else do you explain the new (dung) beetle.

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    • Dean
      By Dean
      ANIMAL! Joking, nice polo
    • polo_dude
      By polo_dude
      I'm having a clear out of my garage, manage to dig out a smoothed Mk4/6n 8v polo front bumper. 
      The number plate recess and the toe eye cover were plastic welded from the front and rear, thus only requiring a skim of filler.
      It requires re-skimming as cracks have started to appear (as shown in the pictures). This was done 8 years ago and so the quality of the welding is second to none, as you can imagine in that time it's been chucked around the garage. 
      Grab yourself a bargain as the majority of the hard work has already been done.
      Collection from the HA0 area. 
      But I can wrap this up if you want to arrange you're own courier. 
      Price: £40. 
    • H698
      By H698
      Hi there, 
      New to this forum, looking for a little help.
      I just got a 91' Polo GT and the seats are worse for wear, wanted to change them out maybe put some leathers. 
      Ive read on loads of forums that corrado seats will fit in the front, easy swap. 
      Ive also read that mk4 golf seats can swap into a corrado, easy swap. 
      Does that mean I can slap mk4 golf leather seats in my 86 polo? (I understand that it will sit higher than normal)
      Please advise
    • Hyptix
      By Hyptix
      Hi guys looking for some information about what it takes to take the vr6 engine out a mk3 golf and drop it into the 6n estate, not much coming up on the web besides a really old thread on here just showing it finished. i know the two cars run the same chassis so subframe wise it should bolt in, but i cannot think of any serious problems with swapping the engines. so can some one correct me or should it be straight front as swap the ecu and loom then swap and bolt all the engine bits across including driveshafts, only think i think may be an issue is the drive shaft spline on a vr6 would be different to the polo. if any one can shed some light onto this as im looking into buying a clean estate.
    • ashley750
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      We currently have a V reg 6N1 Polo automatic which has a 4 speed torque converter gearbox. As this is going to my daughter, we need to find a replacement, and I have been thinking of a late 9N3.
      As far as I can find out, here appears to be 2 types of auto gearboxes fitted to this model.
      In the Nov 2006 brochure, the auto is a 4 speed, presumably a torque convertor type. In the Nov 2008 brochure, the auto is now a 6 speed tiptronic. Does anyone know what type of gearbox is the 6 speed is?
      Is it a torque converor type, or a earlier version of the DSG?
      If a DSG, is it a wet or dry clutch version?
      Many thanks.

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