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Hello again.

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It took me 3 years, but I did it.


Hello again 😊

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Welcome back Vio, get straight back to your project threads!

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Hi, Vio.


Nice. The MOT certificate is covering the wheels...

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9 hours ago, dvderlm said:

The MOT certificate is covering the wheels...


Sadly my spinner trims have been lost over time, and it seems like they no longer sell them.


Guess I'll have to actually buy some decent alloys 😥

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Some more pics, love to see the work in progress

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    • MonsterL35YFP
      By MonsterL35YFP
      Has anyone got a good thread for installing a head unit on a mk2f as I can't seem to get my pioneer one to get any power iv bridged a wire from the ignition live (black and yellow wire) to the unit power and nothing happened.
    • VWPoloG
      By VWPoloG
      VW 1994 Polo MK2F AAU
      For the first time, I attempted to change the oil. Everything was going so well, but now the sump plug won't grip the pan!
      Backstory: A month ago, I wanted to do an oil change however the sump plug wouldn't budge, probably because I couldn't get enough space under the car. I decided to ask the garage to loosen it when I got the MOT done. They loosened it for me and it was great - driven it a few times nothing leaked everything was fine, oil level still the same. TODAY: All prepped up I finally drained the oil. However, when it came to fitting the new sump plug, it wouldn't grip. At first, I thought I must have bought the a size too small. I tried putting the old one back in, and it wouldn't grip either! It's like its too small, rattling side-to-side in the hole.
      I'm pretty annoyed to the say the least, as I've only renewed the tax/mot/insurance last week
      The sump plug threads looks in good condition. Is it possible I could have stripped the thread in the sump pan? Surely this wouldn't leave a gap big enough to rattle the plug inside the hole?
      Maybe I'm not doing something properly? (This is my first oil change)
      Is there a fix I can apply without replacing the sump pan?
      If I have to replace the sump pan, is it a massive job? Some of the screws securing the pan look pretty rusted.
      Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
    • Vio
      By Vio
      So I've had my mk2f (Dora) back on the road for about a week now. Passed her MoT last week, insured it (still £100 a month thanks to my 3 non-fault crashes, ok then), and got my job back delivering pizzas.
      Coming back to the store after a delivery last night, and I notice a police van behind me. No blues on so I don't think much of it, but then he follows me into the store car park. He asks about the car (if it's mine etc.), and then says it's not taxed. Ah bugger. I forgot to take the SORN off.
      So then my manager pops out and starts having a go at the coppers, who say it's not insured for business use either - but Dominos provides business cover for drivers, so they ask for proof of that. Manager goes to get it while I'm trying to figure out how to tax a car on my phone. Worth noting that police round here are notorious for impounding untaxed cars (another Dominos driver just had his taken a couple weeks before I joined).
      Manager shows the coppers our insurance certificate, but then they just say "We'll follow up on the tax thing later", turn their blues on, and bolt it out of the car park.
      Turns out there's this lad who was driving a definitely not-road-legal bike around town. Some people say he was already being chased by police, but all we know for sure is that he rode straight through a red light at one of the busiest junctions and hit another car - and he died at the scene. This happened at the exact same time, and the police left to deal with dead guy - giving me ample time to tax my car and get back on the road with no more problems.
      So last night some random idiot on a bike literally died to save my Polo, and I appreciate it 👍
    • ohMatriixHD
      By ohMatriixHD
      Hi, for sale is my 1994 VW Polo Mk2f. It has done 65k genuine miles (have some old Mot's and service receipts that can help verify this). I have 2 keys, one genuine, and the original VW handbook with the booklets inside. The car has been well maintained and is in extremely good condition for a 24 year old car! It has genuine BBS RA's off of a G40 that were professionally acid dipped and refurbished. This has been such a fun car to own ane drive. As my first car I couldn't have wished for anything more fun, reliable and unique to drive. I constantly got remarks about how nice the car was and how unique also. These are getting rare now and finding one with low mileage and clean bodywork is almost impossible! The car has already had the dreaded fuel tank recently so should be fine for at least a few years to come.
      The car had a full service including water pump and head gasket, coolant, brake fluid, cambelt, filters and oil in April 2017 along with brakes and suspension and the engine work. It also had a new clutch and clutch cable. It's had replacement wheel bearings, track rod ends and CV joints also.
      The car has had the following modifications:
      Full engine conversion from a standard 45hp 1.0l engine to a 1.3l MPI engine out of a Polo Mk2f GT. Standard these engines push out 75hp. I believe the engine is on sub 100k but I have no proof. I then bought a ported and polished cylinder head, believed to be on 60k miles (again no proof). I had the ported head sent off and had the head skimmed, pressure tested, valve guides ground down and valves reseated at Modus engineering in Tunbridge Wells. I then built up the engine with a fast road camshaft from Newman cams. The engine now has uprated Magnecor red HT leads, a Powerflow performance panel filter and a PoloPerformanceParts stage 2 ECU chip (7200rpm limiter increase). The car is believed to be pushing out at least 100hp which in a sub 800kg car is enough to have some fun! I do still have the standard ECU chip if you wish to go back to standard. Since the engine work the car has covered around 10k miles.
      To support the engine enhancements, I bought all new OE equivalent shock absorbers and coil springs all round. I also polybushed the front suspension components, and replaced the rubber anti-roll bar bushes with nylon blocks. This makes the car feel firm to drive and handles amazingly.  The car has also had decent brakes all round.
      In the interior I have changed the door cards to incredibly rare ones with speaker pods built in. I have then fitted JBL 6.5" speakers with tweeters higher up the door card. This has been wired in properly with all the wires behind the dash and only a small piece is visible between the door and the dash. The seats are the dark grey ones with the rainbow coloured Volkswagen writing on them which I massively prefer to the Fox seats. I have changed the stereo to a Sony bluetooth music and possibly phone also. I have ran subwoofer wires to the back of the car which work fine, however the sub and amp are not included in the sale. The boot has a carpeted wooden false floor for supporting the subwoofer as the standard boot floor is very weak and couldn't really support anything. There is still the spare wheel underneath this. I have changed the clocks in the dash to the better GT clocks so a rev counter is there. I have also fitted a Momo leather gear stick and matching steering wheel with a genuine Momo boss. I also bought carpet floor mats as it didn't have any and I prefer them to the genuine rubber ones. I have also wired in a cigarette lighter so I could charge my phone or use a satnav while driving.
      On the exterior I have made a few subtle changes. I sprayed the VW grill badge and boot badges black, replaced the orange rear lights for genuine factory smoked lights, clear front and side indicators with chrome bulbs and now have body coloured door handle inserts.
      I have spent a lot of time, effort and money on this car and will be sad to see it go. Would make a perfect first car as it did for me, with cheap insurance even with no black box.
      The engine modification is not declared with the DVLA, however I do have the engine number saved so if you wish to officially register the change in engine capacity, you are able to.
      Sadly, there are a few minor issues and I will try to be as honest as possible (I am quite particular so some of these might not even affect you at all):
      - There is a small oil leak from the head. I believe it's where I put the head gasket on, some dirt might have got trapped and allows small amounts of oil to sweat out the engine. I have been topping the oil up every now and then. 
      - There are some scrapes down the passenger side. I have tried to picture the damage to the passenger side as it's the worst area. Some small scrapes mainly on the door and rear arch. Also the drivers door has has a dent pulled out at some point. 
      - There is some sort of sticker residue on the b pillers that I can't get off easily. (not put that much effort in. Just used autoglym tar and glue, not much happened so I left it alone.)
      - Where I fitted the clocks, the wiring loom on the back of them is wrong, so occasionally the coolant light flashes, when the coolant level and temperature are perfectly normal. Usually turning the car off and on again fixes this.
      - The sunroof leaked water and had been sealed up when I bought the car. I changed the seal and it still leaked water so I put enough sealant to stop water dripping on me while driving. If this bothers you, a new sunroof or new sealant applied neatly would work.
      If someone takes as good care as I and the previous owners have, it will have many years of life left and is starting to become an appreciating retro cool car. 
      Currently it is running a PPP stainless 4 branch manifold and full PPP stainless decat exhaust system. If this is going with the car, an additional cost of £250 will need to be added on the the asking price of £1500. To arrange a viewing/test drive please TEXT 07383417526 (will NOT answer calls as I work unsociable hours and may be asleep or working when you call). Car will be available to drive away from the 10th August. 

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