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6n2 gti breaking, hail stone damage to roof and bonnet

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Breaking 6n2 gti as hail stones the size of golf balls damaged the bonnet and roof. 


All parts available 

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How much for the taillights ? And what condition are they in :) 

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How much for the central locking pump? 

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    • Marc0 Polo
      By Marc0 Polo
      Hi all,
      I recently bought the chrome dial set from the GTI variant for my 1.4 (6N2 model). And this has got me wanting to try fit a ambient temperature sensor (which as they’re the same platform I imagine is possible), however never having looked over a gti to see where it would mount and the cabling goes I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall!
      Is anyone able to shed some light on where the sensor sits and cables run?
    • hipeup
      By hipeup
      Hi guys, potential project here.
      Can return to stock and sell suspension and interior separately if needed.
      Save this polo! still works, just some niggles to fix
      Owned for 4 years, never let me down. Not the best example but would be a reliable workhorse. Bigger car on way (bora)
      Leather Interior 
      AP Coilovers
      Powerflex Wishbone Bushes
      £30 Tax
      Good Tyre Tread
      New exhaust
      Noisey engine
      Clutch Issue
      (new clutch, slave and master cylinder, might just need bleeding properly) 
      Usual wear and tear
      Very small power steering fluid leak
      Contact with offers, questions, anything.
    • s-gx
      By s-gx
      hey hope someone can help, for past few weeks my window wipers have been getting slower and slower and ofcourse now they have completely stopped and are stuck halfway up the window now that the rain is back.

      I was reading a few forums that said about stripping them down as the linkage is probably just seized but i’m wondering if it’s worthwhile just buying a new motor and linkage incase stripping them doesn’t work.

      Anyone else had any issues and if so any advice/tutorials would be great.

    • spaces96
      By spaces96
      Hello guys,
      First of all I am new to this forum and I am glad to be apart of it, little back story, I bought a polo 6n2 1.0 MPI as my first car, I'm wanting to fix it up and make it run for a whole lot longer. I love all VW cars and he sold me it for £350, I thought was an absolute steal, until I actually paid for it and took it to my mechanic friend for a look over. The clutch is pretty much shot, so I am replacing that next week, for £170 total, but as I drove the car in the rain it started to misfire badly and ended up stalling constantly at a roundabout in first, no biggy, I knew the issue right then and there the spark leads haven't been changed in 91,000 miles and where torn and cracked, so I replaced all of the leads, plugs, air filters and oil filter, but there's always been this noise coming from the air filter box housing unit or close to it's rather random and and this video I will show, shows that the noise is the same intervals and timing but it isn't sometimes it can last for 5 seconds all the way up to a minute and only starts to happen once the car has heated up and my mechanic can't understand what the noise is, also when you put your foot down the engine has a raspy sound to it, not a normal sound, I'm hoping this is the clutch but I am doubting that it is.
      Another thing is the car in low gears is so much harder to handle, when you take your foot off the accel it jerks like hell, in small car parks it makes it a nightmare.
      Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated
      Here is the video:
    • Redwolf01
      By Redwolf01
      Hi guys. 
      I have a 2001 polo 6n2 (1.4 16v). I want to replace the DBW accelerator pedal and throttle body for a cable one. 
      What is is the easiest conversion? 
      Can someone recommend which VW models of pedal will fit and if I need to do any mods to bolt it in. I am assuming it won’t be as easy as unbolt current pedal and replace with cable pedal ! 
      I am getting ECU replaced, but my task is physically replacing pedal and throttle body, someone with a bigger brain will be doing the clever bits. 
      Any help appreciated. Kevin 

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