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no electrics polo 6n afh

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cars been sat in garage for two years:

have a new battery - checked voltage across battery all okay.


checked voltage on the leads them selves that connect to battery to make sure they were connected tight.


but the car is dead, no electric at all. 


the lead from negative terminal from battery connects to a bolt that secures the gearbox to engine block.

the gearbox has been spray painted but the bolt was not.


I believe the dash electrics get thier power from the small 6mm red lead that connects to positive terminal of battery.

not sure what's gone wrong as I connected it all back up as it what and took lot's of pics.


the only thing that is different is I have not connected any head lights and the horn.

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Something simple then. 

I once could not get a Ford Sierra to start after working on the cylinder head. It was the emergency inertia cut-off switch which I think I must have triggered by dropping a spanner.

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