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Bought a Polo for my wife and daughter. Will look around for fixes.

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Hello. I've just purchased a 2002 VW Polo 1.2 for my wife to drive, she passed her test 11 month ago and not driven since, and to teach my daughter how to drive. It's got a few issues but was cheap and something that they can both not do too much damage to.

It's basic inside. The stereo seems to have been replaced by a single din unit with what appears to play out of one speaker under the dash somewhere. What was available in these? The fuel gauge doesn't seem to work. Not the electric adjusting mirrors. Seems to drive ok though. Will be looking for help and advice.


I drive a Zafira VXR myself so I'm going to use this also for pottering around as the Zafira is quite thirsty. 

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It's been a long time since I've been in one of those, but from memory, it sounds like it's got the standard radio that the lower spec cars had. The posher ones had a disc changer in the lower DIN slot where you'll probably have a cubby hole. If the head unit has a label on saying something like disc changer control, you can get an adapter that gives you a line in for hooking up your phone or an MP3 player.  


If you do put an aftermarket one in, you will need an antenna amplifer (cheap enough), and you might have to swap the yellow and red positive wires over as VW had a weird habit of putting them the other way round to everyone else. 


I think they still have the grills in the doors if you want to add some better speakers. If you're lucky, when you open it up, you'll find the wires there ready for you. 

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