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My late model MK2 Polo Country Breadvan - Rescued from the Isle of Skye

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Hi Everyone

I've had my fair share of Polo's over the years, starting with a MK2 breadvan when I passed my test back in 2002. After scrapping my 6n2 in 2016, I had been itching to get another classic.

Whilst visiting the Isle of Skye for a week back in July 2016, I spotted this late model MK2 Polo Country lying at the end of someones driveway. I had a snoop around, and despite looking a tad unloved, it was clean and only had 39k miles showing.


13669363_10208150629057286_2783451899268041470_o.thumb.jpg.90251af8b8e1a019ed137c4a1894e446.jpg  13737679_10208150611136838_3833728211013643334_o.thumb.jpg.640c5df76a1a18809dbb32787b1c3c3d.jpg

I put a note through the door asking if it was for sale, and heard nothing for the remainder of my time there. I went home, slightly deflated and expecting never to see it again.

In November 2016, I received a call from the owner asking if I was still interested. The owner told me it had been her mothers car, which she had bought brand new in 1990. When her mother gave up driving, it passed to her in 2006. It has a fully stamped service book, original keys, dealer plates, tax disc holder etc. Unfortunately I had just spent all my spare funds buying a MK1 Golf Cabriolet, so I very reluctantly had to pass up on it. In 2017 I found myself with some spare money, but I had lost the owners number. I made some attempts at reaching out to them via local Facebook groups, but this was unsuccessful. I even had a friend who was passing the area attempt to make contact, but the Polo was nowhere to be seen.

Fast forward two years to November 2018, by which point the dream had long been buried. The owner contacted me again out the blue, asking if I would still be interested. Of course I jumped at the chance, and after several phone calls arranging the logistics, I collected it on the 8th of December 2018 on the back of my brother-in-law's pick up.

After a 5 hour - 160 mile drive over some of Scotlands nicest roads, we arrived back in Ayrshire where the Polo was put into the garage for some light restoration work.


Over December and January we got the car running. It didn't need much, a new battery, a light service (filters, plugs, belts etc), some fresh fuel and away it went. The exhaust was beyond repair though so a replacement was sourced and fitted.


In early February we took it a drive around some farm roads to get it up to temperature. This gave us a chance to iron out a few idling issues caused by the automatic choke. With that sorted and it now running perfectly, we presented it for MOT on 16th February. It passed!

52087534_10215527440072951_8078795417480855552_n.jpg.97e82e8a076f3930eedfd74ec556a971.jpg  52657754_10215527440352958_1770152813788135424_n.jpg.84bb66dd8493d7cf7669d38d3eec4850.jpg

In celebration, I obtained a replacement Country/Parade interior from a guy around 70 miles away. I had been on the lookout for one ever since I knew I was buying the car, so I think finding a decent original interior in less than 4 months is an achievement, considering there are less than 100 left of this model on the road (www.howmanyleft.co.uk).

52476626_10215527457833395_5705534401111130112_n.jpg.cf29bed1c93160f7e5d14741ce28593b.jpg  52044867_10215527440712967_6637971917036847104_n.jpg.ce47601063f167d5db5ae2f5723b2f72.jpg


I gave the car a good wash, which I think was the first time it has seen a sponge in at least 5 years. The photos make it look a lot better than it actually is if I am honest. I plan on getting it resprayed soon, so I've put some MK2F trims on it just to tidy it up a little for now. I do have the original ones which I will fit later.

52136252_10215535116024845_8052675449316179968_n.jpg.7c9526af6ef032f15a88469dc55228a5.jpg  52650559_10215535115744838_2369572958017421312_n.jpg.76d9eed758c02956e5bd268082ffa4da.jpg

52328287_10215535116384854_1821865564356739072_n.jpg.f5b7363387623dc8bb790c9e6d6240ff.jpg  52599321_10215535116664861_9020714580518633472_n.jpg.2c72fd92dac326c30791b507ee53af35.jpg

52111497_10215535117344878_4793726910188224512_n.jpg.2b5a2fce0fb4a48e6381ba177b217257.jpg   52303924_10215535117064871_4481848968090746880_n.jpg.10ac08400c31e3ef7c1043cf1e466fd6.jpg


In a few months time I am having it fully resprayed. This will give me some time to source some replacement trim parts that are a bit tired, as well as new "Country" decals.

In the meantime, I plan on installing some new speakers (it still has the original Panasonic cassette deck) and really just enjoy it along with my MK1 Golf Cabby.

I'll update this thread with any progress as I go. If anyone has instagram, I post on there regularly (@stevenvw.co.uk) or on my website at www.stevenvw.co.uk.

Happy to hear any comments or suggestions 🙂


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Great story! Now following you on insta 😀

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Great story, and great to see another Country (H) plate just like mine !! I am having some issues with the Auto Choke Carb, and not sure what avenue to take, a full rebuild or do something different. Take my hat off to you for working out in the garage in December/Jan, far too cold for me even though I live on the South Coast. 


Are you re-spraying to original colour? Interested to see which colour paint you choose as I have read and read the paints again and again , but there seems to be two different shades ! I dont have instagram but will pop along to your website.... Good luck...

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