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Mk3 Ac Pronlems

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  1. Good Day to u all, this is my first post.
    Have a polo 6n1 1.4 Petrol AEX 60hp had the AC  gas recharged but compressor only runs for about 3 minutes then switches off might not come on again for a few hours. Does this whether engine is hot or first thing in the morning with a cold engine.
    Here is what I have done:
    I located the a pressure switch under the right fender behind the wheel/fender splash guard
    I removed the wire from the pressure switch (its a 4 pin connector) and shorted the pins and it essentially behaved the same way.
    I tested the contacts on the switch and got a closed on pins 1 and 2 which turns on the compressor but strangely got an open on pins 3 and 4 although when the ac runs the radiator fan does switch to the higher speed.
    I measured the voltage on the cable and noted that on pins 3 and 4 its approx 13.2 volts and on 1 and 2 12.6
    I am now trying to find a wiring diagram for the ac circuit also a diagram of the fuse / relay box layout , searching the web seem to bring up diagrams of other models so if anyone can provide me with a diagram and any ideas what to check next I would be grateful.
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First Welcome to the forum.


Here are the wiring diagrams, as you didn't state the year I've copied the early and late versions, the change over from the early to late is around 1997

6N1 Early AC system diagrams.pdf

6N1 Late AC system diagrams.pdf

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I looked at the diagram am not able to locate two switch F38 Ambient temp sensor and E33 temp switch for evaporator, I note it say optional so am assuming it might not be installed.

However I noted that the ac thermal cut off switch f163 seems to open in a short time when the engine is still cool so after bridging the connector the compressor still runs past the 3 minutes.

checked the gas and the pressure is low suggesting that it needs some more ,the person who did it before said it was okay so might have to check for leaks.

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I would also replace the F163 switch as that should only operate at high temperatures to protect the system from overloading the engine when it is getting too hot 

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I had concluded that the F163 switch was bad but haven't gotten the replacement as yet.

Thanks for your assistance

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