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Polo 6n (1999) odometer button broken - can't reset inspection message

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Hello all!

I am trying to think what my options are regarding the above issue. I have started to take out the instrument cluster just to see if I can revive the (long black right) odometer button so I can reset the inspection message on the right LCD (my model is the post-1997 design).

I managed to take out all the steering wheel trim but it seems that I would have to take out the airbag and steering wheel.


My question is if it's even worth it?

what happens when I disassemble the cluster itself?

Do I need to take out anything else other than the steering wheel to take the cluster out of the car?




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First welcome to the forum.


You can normally lower the steering column down to it's lowest level and that gives enough clearance to remove the speedo unit, then you can split the speedo apart and get to replace the long plastic rod that actuates the switches inside the speedo.


If you don't fancy doing that you can reset the service interval with VCDS a generic code reader will not work as the car is pre EOBD so will only respond to a VAG based code reading system and VCDS is the best option

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Thank you for your reply, I am having some hard time taking it out, and it doesn't look like it can fit through the wheel. But i'm still trying to understand why it won't break away from the dashboard itself...


also I can't find the OEM number for that black button actually only these for the pre-1998 ones: http://www.oemepc.com/vw/part_single/catalog/vw/markt/RDW/modell/POC/year/1999/drive_standart/241/hg_ug/919/subcategory/919011/part_id/3686951/lang/e


As for the VCDS, I have the cable and the program on the laptop and I've used it once to identify an injector issue. But where can I find the inspection reset option on VCDS


Thanks again


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There are two screws you need to remove to release the speedo from the dashboard 


You won't find a part number for the reset button/lever as it's not considered a replaceable item, VW only want to sell you a whole new speedo unit, so you're only option will be to find a used speedo and strip that down for spare parts.


On the first page of VCDS there is a box "SRI Reset" that should reset the service interval if not by going into the different modules and select module 17 "instruments" and then "Adaption" that should give you the option to reset the service message

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It worked! I took everything apart and found that little broken plastic lever under the button. After one lousy glue job and some button stress testing I put everything back and it works and reset and everything!

Thanks again


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