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AAU to NZ engine replacement

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Hi all, I’ve recently purchased an NZ 1.3 with a 5 speed 8P gearbox and am looking to change it out for the 1.0 AAU lump that’s in my 94 bready at the moment. The NZ unit I have has only done 45,000 miles so apart from doing the obvious (cambelt/water pump etc) while the engine is out of the car would you guys recommend any other checks/replacements? Unfortunately the NZ didn’t come with inlet/exhaust manifolds and I was wondering if I can use the existing set up I have from my AAU engine or will the fuelling/mixture be all over the place? Also I’m after a 5 speed gearbox mount for my 8P box so if any of you guys/girls have 1 for sale then just let me know and I’ll have it off you! Many thanks in advance. Rich.

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Engine mount rubbers?


Gearbox selector shaft seal and accompanying oil change is a bit easier off the car, drain as much as you can, then refill with box tilted using jug for the specced volume less 1/4 litre.

Bring back to level and top up gently until reaches the fill hole. Makes the box a bit heavier to lift, but far nicer than being underneath it or running a tube whose end you can't see while filling.


If genuine 45,000 not driven like an idiot or pulling a trailer should have clutch friction disk in good state for another 50,000 or even more miles

and there's no point to split block and box to investigate.


Starter motor bush. Take it out of the gearbox housing while off the car and fit a new one when fit starter motor in the bay.


sump clean out, oil strainer pickup clean and new sump seal?

I found 2 quite annoyingly hard to access sump bolts at flywheel end that VW changed to Allen key on later cars than my 1984.


o-ring on the dipstick tube?


sorry can't advise on AAU inlet manifold suitability. Pretty sure same bolt pattern, though new gasket needed. I assume SPI unit so somewhat limiting but should work.

Small bore exhaust and manifold likewise will reduce top end but should improve economy.


I'd upgrade the main power lead alternator to starter to battery and earth straps. Not necessary, but simpler if reconnecting them anyway.

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Thanks very much dvderlm for all the information, much appreciated. A good suggestion about dropping the sump off and cleaning the pick up etc. I’ll remove the friction plate and inspect for wear being that it’s all accessible. I’m also hoping that the wiring will not have to be modified in any way? I’ll go with the inlet and SPI unit from the AAU for the time being and hope for the best, any ideas on a 4 into 1 exhaust manifold? I’m guessing I’ll have to keep the cat as it’ll fail it’s MOT without it. Thanks again, Rich.

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