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6n Central locking problem

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Hi all,

Sorry for the wall of text.

I'm not sure how much of this comprises an electrical fault and how much a mechanical one, but it's probably both - maybe you can help!?

After the recent wet weather my central locking seems to have stopped working.

The lock on the passenger side wouldn't unlock the car already (separate issue), but the drivers side was working AOK. Now when I went to open the driver side door the key would turn in the lock but didn't trigger the central locking and the door didn't unlock (normally I'd expect the little toggle to flick up on the inside).

I checked the pump area in the boot and the whole area was soaking wet but the pump was sealed and seemed fine. I could still open the doors from the inside by climbing through the boot and pulling up the locks from the inside so I bought a new pump on eBay and just waited for it to arrive.

I can't remember now, but I think if when I toggled the locks from the inside the doors still locked and unlocked centrally...but I think they did - which means that the vacuum unit is fine, right?

I didn't think about that^ until after the replacement pump arrived, when I pulled off the pneumatic tube from pump I carelessly broke the connector (and have no idea where to get a replacement either).

Then I realised that the new pump I had ordered was the correct one, but the one already in the boot was different (a SEAT one), and to get it connected they had stripped off the polo's electrical connector and attached a three pin one, instead of a polo 12 pin one...(and have no idea where to get a replacement either. It might help if I knew what these things were called. lol. I don't really want to solder it on).

So now I think I have two broken locks, a tube I can't connect and no electrical connector :p

Since unplugging the pump the driver door worked AOK! but obviously only that door unlocked, I'm not sure why it works though... Then one day I went to unlock it again and I heard this springy SNAP sound and now the lock won't turn at all so I can't lock or unlock it, again!

Any advice? I looked at the locking sticky but the pictures are missing and thought maybe someone else would know the best approach to fixing this. The fact that one door wasn't working properly makes it harder to isolate the fault. I can see replacement locks on ebay,... but really I want to use my original key...


tldr: Every time I want to drive I get in the boot :lol:

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Ok, there are two problems here and it's not as bad as you think.

1. The locks are broken

2. The central locking is broken

Luckily you can get back to the road very cheaply.

Firstly repair the locks.

It's a very common problem but a very cheap fix. The most likely thing is the eccentric and paddle spacer are broken. It's been covered a few times and I've done the search for you.

http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=107909 to remove the lock and then...


The carrier eccentric and the paddle are very common items to break in Polos 6n and 6n2s. It's due to shear stresses and the fact that the car does not have remote central locking as standard!

In fact watch this video!!!!

You do not have to buy a new cylinder or retumble it. Simply swap over the working barrel and fit the new eccentric and paddle.

Buy direct from VW or kit from ebay eg item:271128381778 for only £4.99 each side (look for other side!). I would suggest that you bought LEFT and RIGHT versions of these kits.

In terms of the central locking pump and connector - that may be a little bit more difficult. Follow the broken airline back to its next join and remove there. Refit with a new section. I would suggest a scrap yard for part as VW will likely be very expensive. Perhaps they can provide an electrical connector plug too from the end of the loom and you can splice the original wiring back via bullet connectors.

Best of luck!


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Okay, so I got replacement parts on eBay. I took apart the lock and some of the existing parts had disintegrated.

I had to sand down one of the replacement components so it would actually fit. Clearly you get quality that matches the price.

I'm following this guide:

although I don't have a maglite to turn into his gizmo. I've spent about an hour and a half trying to get it reassembled and it's stressing me out no end.

The guy in the video says that the spring can be placed anywhere, but I can't fit it anywhere except the bottom right, or I can wedge it into the top right, as there seems to be a space for it:


Similarly, in the video he describes moving the top end of the spring around and to the top to click it into place, but when I'm examining the lock I can't see anywhere that it would 'click' into, like he's describing:


Top circle is where he describes it clicking into place, bottom two circles have openings where a pin could fit (on the inside of the ring out of shot), but it's not possible to push the top of the spring in to that slot (at least not without a filed down maglite), - surely there's another way?

Side note: the replacement paddles are a slightly different length, but it's not a big difference, think it will matter? I'm thinking of asking for my money back TBH and buying official replacement parts from VW


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Okay. I looked at that diagram, but it doesn't show how the spring fits in. I can't work out how from it either.

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The spring is the difficult part, but you have also been sent the golf paddle, no poiint fitting it as it won't reach. I have done this many times, though not lately so I will need to have another go to refresh my memory. I always used needle nosed pliers for the springs, they fit between the two pins that have a lower opening? Then the others, so take it out and have a look at it from the side, with the paddle slotted in. There should be an opening. Also you may have to file down the parts slightly as they are rough cast and have edges on them. Vw's kit doesnt, but it's a lot more expensive and will only take a few minutes to file down. Also, when you get the spring on one side, losely fit the paddle, then move the other leg of the spring into place (easier said then done) then imediatly push the paddle down,then shove the retainer into place. It will take a few tries, but the next one will be easy.

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I recently did this job and this is where I hooked the dreaded spring.

The lock springs back to vertical position when you lock or unlock the doors.

So as it functions correctly I believe this is correct.


Make sure you have the long paddle kit (58mm long) for a 6N2 polo and not the short paddle.


Hope my image I have created helps !! Please share if it does!


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