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Ross Mckenzie

Mk2f polo coupe rear brake conversion

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Ross Mckenzie

Hi, I am doing a rear brake conversion on my Mk2f coupe gt conversion  got mk2 golf stub axels Calipers carriers discs and pads, was informed just to use Mk2f handbrake cables wondering how I would connect cable to Calipers, also got a brake bias valve but unsure where to mount, any help would be much appreciated 

cheers, Ross 

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You need handbrake cable adapters, there machined tubes that slot onto the caliper allowing the standard cables to be used. 


If it's the proper bias valve then it goes on the rear axle. 


Thanks Nige, was just about to go searching for that. 😂

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    • schneil
      By schneil
      Wanted - airflow meter for polo GT.
      Part numbers (030906301 867129611B 0280200048 Bosch D2721)
      It is the same part on a 1.3 Golf and Polo NZ.
    • schneil
      By schneil
      I've been getting a fault code on my polo Gt (3F engine code) for the inlet air temperature sensor.
      Investigating in VWtool shows it reading 20 degrees C lower than ambient air temperature
      Yesterday, by measuring resistance between pins 1&4 I got 7000ohms, which is too high (according to autodata).
      Basically does it mean it's goosed?
      I thought I'd ask as it'll mean replacing the airflow meter, as it's part of he same unit.
      (attached is sensor vlues from vwtool - the yellow figure is the inlet air temperature)

    • kiran_182
      By kiran_182
      Got a polo gt coupe in black, really condition bar the hole in the driver sill / floorpan and the 2 inch one in the passenger sill. Interior is almost mint, driver seat has an open seem on top corner.
      Pretty much std with a single wiper conversion, home brew mount 
      Not had it to long so not given it a full going over, did notice the rad is cracked and the member it sits on is bent so its tapped an curb?
      Waiting on photobucket to show my pics
      Really would be nice for it to go whole as its a hardtop gt in black and pretty good condition 

    • schneil
      By schneil
      Can anyone help me with the following.  I stirred my polo from it's Winter slumber yesterday and it was a bit hesitant under acceleration.
      I put it on my diagnostic leads and got the following codes with VWTool:
      523-- -------    Intake air temp sensor (G42)
              No Signal
      518-- -------    Throttle position sensor (G69)
              No Signal    
          I put a new throttle position sensor on it last year, so it could be the wiring?   What would the intake sensor do?  I have an induction kit, so does the ECU care? Which data block is it in VWTool?  There is one reading -15, does this mean the intake temp sensor is dead?
    • steveo3002
      By steveo3002
      ive started a swap ..mk2 polo to 3f mpi injection etc
      the 2 yellow wires for the diagnostics ...the diagram i have shows it going to the interior loom white wire which is heater speed 1 ?  doesnt sound right to disable the heater 
      has anyone go a working diagnostic socket on a mk2 swap ...i need pics /help 

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